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    I don't know either school, but...
    1. Look at NCLEX pass rates for both schools. Higher is not always better. Some schools weed out everyone they think won't pass the NCLEX in order to keep the pass rate high.
    2. Look at the percentage of students who complete the program. if only 50% of the students who start finish, the school might be weeding out some to keep their NCLEX pass rate high. Or, it just might be that the school accepts people who are not ready for college.
    3. Look at cost. There are calculators online that'll show you how much per month you'll need to pay on your loans for 10, 20, or even 30 years! If you know you want to get a master's, do you really want to spend a lot on undergrad? That loan repayment will be very burdensome.

    Good luck!

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    Usually, when your manager offers you an option to transfer, it means you should transfer.

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    Ah yes, the mathematical model that dictates how long each task should take and thus how poorly we should be staffed? Yes, nurses love that.

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    1. Say no. Once they learn you are a push over, they'll start calling you first. One of the most important skills in nursing is to be able to say no.
    2. Get a better brain sheet to help you stay organized. Eight is a lot to keep straight, so a brain is vital to help you keep it all straight.
    3. Cluster! For example, you might take sally to the bathroom, reposition her, get her vitals, get her pain pills and fresh ice pack and water all in one trip. It'll facilitate sleep and you won't have to keep going back in there. At bedtime, I usually ask if they usually take anything to help them sleep at home. Warm milk, a warm blanket, the lights out and maybe some soothing sounds to block out some of the noise helps. A lot of elderly take Tylenol before they go to bed. They'll say they have no pain, but they always take some Tylenol. I also will take a look at what meds are ordered overnight. Lovenox at 3 am? Remove a pain patch at 2 am? Nope! I ask pharmacy to move it to earlier to later so I don't have to wake them up.

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    Mental health or substance abuse facilities may have all male and all female units. There are a couple LTC facilities in my area for elderly men who were sexual predators or substance abusers.

    However, I think the likelihood of you finding a place that will accommodate your religious beliefs is small. Have you discuss this issue with your pastor/rabbi/imam? He or she may have some guidance for you.

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    All RNS in the CVICU, intermediate cardiac care unit and cardiac telemetry floors must have ACLS at my hospital.

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    I think then you may have your answer. If the area of nursing you are interested is that narrow, then the job opportunities will be narrow as well. And they require relocating (which may be ok now, but if you need to relocate in 20 years with a spouse, kids, dog and everything that goes with all that, it may not be so easy).

    Maybe search on LinkedIn for a nurse researcher? As I don't know any nurse researchers, so I'm only guessing really.

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    Clinicals in nursing school will include lots of things that have little resemblance to what you'll do in the OR. If you know the OR is where you want to be, you might just have to make the best of it until you can get in the OR.

    Also, I told one of my professors I wasn't sure I wanted yo be a nurse. Oh boy! That was a mistake!! She was one of those old school nurses who thought you were born to be a nurse or you shouldn't be a nurse. Any doubt about the path was taken as a personal insult. It was not pretty. She was my clinical instructor, so it made a bad situation (I was awful in clinicals) much, much worse.

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    Do you mean the NCLEX? What country are you in?

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    Are you asking if you need to study? Yes. Are you asking if anyone will help you cheat? No. Read the assigned material, utilize your resources (office hours, tutoring, internet, study groups, other books, etc) for anything you do not fully understand, do lots of practice questions, and attend class. That's pretty much all you need.

    I had a classmate who had a similar attitude as you. She never read any of the assigned reading, never utilized any resources, didn't do any practice question. She did attend class -- however, she texted throughout it. In any event, my cohort graduated 2 years ago. She failed three nursing classes, got kicked out and continues to blame anyone and everything for her failures.

    Do it or don't do it, but don't do it half-*****.

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    Do the math. Best you can do is get 100% on the next three exams. Even if you do. Your exam average will be 82%. If you manage to get 85% on the next three exams, you are just barely over 70%.

    Since lab is separate, there probably isn't a lot of other stuff that makes up your final grade. It seems unlikely that you will achieve a good grade this time around. You probably should study on your own for now and try again. Next time, get a tutor, be at every office hour and use every resource you can find. Good luck.

    PS I'd stay until the deadline. You'll know what to focus on for the first 2 tests for when you do take it over.

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    Are you trying to figure how long the infusion will take? Well, if you have 60 ml infuse every hour (60 ml/hr), how many hours will it take 1000 ml to infuse?

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    Go to the first year of nursing forum and you will find literally thousands of similar posts. The first year as a nurse sucks. That does not mean you suck, however.

    They say it gets better. You get more efficient. You can anticipate better. Charting becomes easier. You know where to find stuff, who to call and what to say when you do call. But all of that takes time.

    If you quit now, you'll have to start over with another huge learning curve. But, there's nothing wrong with deciding the chaos that is hospital nursing isn't for you.

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    Well, the admission requirements are posted online. For practical nursing, see

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    Quote from Beth1978
    This sounds weird but my super hero power is a very sensitive nose. I can smell a UTI a mile away.
    Funny, cuz my super power is that I don't smell a thing. My entire floor is jealous.