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    Quote from RockinNurse2018
    Never happened, position ended up being filled first
    Bummer! Good luck with your job search.

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    If the neighboring state allows you to sit for the NCLEX, I say go for it. Find a review course/book and start studying.

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    Have you ever worked as a nursing assistant? Before you go back to school at 59, try working as a nursing assistant to see how you like it. You will have more responsibilities as a nurse, but you'll get an idea of how physical the work can be. You might want to try home care or LTC, to get a feel for the type of work environment you will likely have as a LPN.

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    How did your interview go? I think I remember you had a med surg interview at another hospital.

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    What about the Fa'afafine? Should we force them to assume the gender roles you believe are "traditional" of their sex at birth or their traditional gender roles that exist for them in their culture? Other cultures "traditionally" have non-binary genders. It's not all that uncommon. Which "traditions" are "correct"?

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    You should probably find a new job, preferably one that does not work with at-risk youth.

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    What information the public (you) can see is different than what the Board of Nursing can see. Your $2 theft charge would not be public, but that doesn't mean the BON won't find it. If you lie, you may create an even bigger issue.

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    Night shift!

    (As a way to make money, pay off your loans, and have time to find something else. Or, you may find nursing is is absolutely nothing like the job).

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    I haven't read all the comments yet either, but stop volunteering to help the nursing assistants. Yes, helping the nursing assistants is a very good thing, but ONLY after you get your job mastered. You have made several med errors, which leads me to think you need to go slower, look things up, ask questions, etc. if you are rushing so you can help the nursing assistants, then you are doing no one any favors. A resident sitting in a wet brief for an extra half hour is less bad than a resident getting the wrong medicine, not getting their medicine or a treatment done wrong. When you get your "sea legs," you can start helping more. For now, focus on you and what you need to do.

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    You don't need to figure it all out now. Many people go into nursing thinking "I'll never ______" and that's exactly what they end up doing. More common, I think, is the "I want to ______" and they end up hating that area.

    Nursing is very broad and diverse, there are advanced degrees in leadership, administration, education, anesthesia, informatics, and a multitude of advanced practice specialties in the NP and CNS realm. I'm sure I missed some! Get your BSN and figure out what you like. Practicing as a nurse is nothing like what you see on TV or even do as a student in nursing school.

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    When assessing your patients before they fall asleep, ask them if they'd like to be woken up for bowel meds if they don't have a BM by x AM. They will most likely refuse, then you can report off that you didn't page the on call because patient refused.

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    If you want to go into nursing, cut your losses and switch now. Usually the science major versions of those pre-req classes are harder than the nursing versions, so hopefully you won't need to take them over. Talk to a counselor in the nursing school to find out how you can make this work. I changed my major second semester of my sophomore year, and with summer school and some heavy semesters, I graduated in 4 years. (But I probably should have taken an extra year!)

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    Quote from Been there,done that
    Experienced staff want pay raises and respect. Management knows this, but they would rather throw a pizza party.
    You get a pizza party? You must work first shift. We get to clean up the pizza party.

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    Have him talk to the pharmacist.

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    No way I'd do paper charting and an hour 45 minute commute. Find out the turn over rate on the unit you'll be working on. One unit can be burning through nurses and another is stable as can be.