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  • Jul 16

    There is such a pressure to GIVE when you are a nurse- give up your time and mental energy, what is left for spouses? For those that seem to give their life and always jump when the phone rings to work their day off or extra long shifts, I assume not much. Sometimes it is hard to come "down" after a bad shift- you need support and "take" support from your spouse, but there isn't always much left to give. Throw in mandatory overtime when the spouse at home and is over-whelmed with kids or elderly live in parents, rotating shifts, weekends, holidays, not being allowed to use PTO when the kids are on summer vacation- Throw in a couple of young kids with a nurse who works a lot of extra, and the partner of the nurse gets left holding the bag a lot. Daycares usually aren't open for holidays and weekends, so the spouse gets kid duty. Especially since nurses can't just call off every time the kid(s) get sick- it puts extra onto the spouse. I can totally see how someone would feel they were being neglected emotionally and want to move on. I am sure many spouses of nurses feel as though the nurse puts the job before them and the family.

    Also, psych nurses can smell the crazy from a mile away, and know to get out before it gets bad.

  • Jul 8

    Keep it in your pocket if you do not like wearing it on your neck. Or get a clip thingy to hold it to your pants. NEVER set on down on a counter or as you learned, it won't be seen again. Except maybe around a Dr.s neck.

  • Nov 7 '15

    Sometimes there isn't a choice, like where I work. I work and live in a rural area. There just aren't enough nurses to fill all of the positions. No one wants to drive 40 miles through the mountains and snow to get here. So its all local living nurses that work here. The hospital now offers double time to those who work over 40 hours a week. There is still a lot of short staffing. The only way to improve it more would be to offer double time to per-diem and part time staff for working above their normal hours. But then that gets very expensive for a very small, rural, poor hospital. There really isn't a way to fix the staffing problem here.