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Joined Jun 16, '15. gonzoRN is a RN-BC, CCM; Inpatient CM/UM. She has '25' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Critical Care, OR, SNF, UR/UM'. Posts: 33 (55% Liked) Likes: 51

Insurance UM/CM. My background is critical care (CVICU/Trauma), OR, and SNF-LTC. I've been a manager, and a bedside nurse. Currently working on RN-MSN in Nursing Education at Western Governors University.

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RN-BC, CCM; Inpatient CM/UM
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Critical Care, OR, SNF, UR/UM
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25 years
Pets, Binge watching great TV, reading, and other happily introverted activities
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