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    I actually just purchased "Nerve Tonic" online today. I have heard many great things about this product and will update after I have a few doses.

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    I began an online MSN program in the summer of this year. I currently work full time (36hours/week) and I'm enrolled full time (6 credits/semester). So far, classes have been going good and I have not had any major issues. Due to financial issues, I decided to apply for another job. Thankfully, I was offered the position. However, my current employer would not allow me to go part-time (they do not know the reason). Originally, I turned down the offer I received from this new potential employeer and they would not take no for an answer. Honestly, I need the job as much as they want me to work for them. Here is my problem. I decided that right now, my finances are more important than completing the MSN degree. However, because this particular university only offers certain classes once per year, etc. I will be forced to extend my completion date to 2015 instead of 2013!! I am very frustrated by this.

    I am willing to work both full time positions which will be a total of 72 hours per week, temporarily until I can get a part time position elsewhere. However, I don't think I would be able to manage 72 hours of work per week and also go to school full time. Classes are every six weeks. Therefore, I will have one class (3 credits) for 6 weeks and another class for 6 weeks in a semester. I just want to complete my MSN program and get it over with. But I also need to be able to pay off increasing undergraduate student loan debt, etc.

    If I knew that this university had limited class offerings, I would not have enrolled. My plan was to take off one semester and then continue but this would cause a 2 year delay! Arrgghhhh! I don't know what to do. I'm just praying and asking God for direction. Just wanted to vent a little.

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    I am currently attending Chamberlain and I've just began the MSN Program-Executive Track. I would have loved to double up and complete the program earlier than a 2 year period. But, at the moment I find this will be impossible for me to do. I have searched this site to read anything possible info I could find of students currently involved but foudn nothing. I'll stay posted to this thread, in case we get any luck. How are your classes going so far? Are you enjoying it? Is it similar to your BSN?

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    Thanks Evelyn. What is the average salary? I didn't see any salary information on the websites. I want to know what I'm getting into before I decide to make this move.

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    I would like to know where would I go to apply for a School Nurse Position. For both private and public school. Also, what is the average salary range. I have 10 years School Nurse experience in another state. Thanks in advance!

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    I started a New Grad position in a level IIIC NICU at a Children's Hospital. After 4 months, I quit. I realized it was definitely not for me. I suggest you do your preceptorship or a couple hours on this unit before you make the decision. But to answer your question, it is possible! There were 8 other new grads with me on this unit. Good luck!

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    Praises be to God! I found a new job! I begin on Sunday! My advice, keep the faith and trust God. I was becoming depressed and worrying way to much. I decided to use my time off from work towards having a closer relationship with God. I stopped worrying and stressing myself out and decided to let go and let God. I knew that He would step in just right on time and He did! Right in time for the New Year! During this time of economic turmoil, I know that it is hard to find a job but things will get better. I look at it this way, nurses are ALWAYS going to be in demand. It's just that right now many nurse recruiters are not hiring new grads until February for the December grads who need to take and pass boards. Also , some hospitals only recrut new grads once a year. I was blessed to get in before February but encourage everyone to keep the faith. PM me if you have any specific questions!

    God bless!
    Happy Holidays....despite.

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    plastic surgeon.....maybe

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    I can't believe that this post has already reached page 127. I remember posting in the beginning when we were just in the first few pages. God is a awesome! I can testify today and say that I defeated NCLEX with The Lord on my side! Continue to trust Him, but most importantly, be faithful in all that you do. God will bless your efforts. I pray for each of you and urge that you encourage yourself in Jesus.
    God Bless!

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    Thank you for your posts. I can also testify of God's greatness! I passed NCLEX with 265 questions and also prayed more than studying. To those who have not tested yet, I urge you to put God to the test and try Him for yourselves. Good luck and God bless!

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    Yea, I hope you get through when you call again. What I did was have the operator transfer me to the unit and have the unit clerk give me the information I needed. When you call, use an "assertive" tone and hopefully they will get the hint.

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    Quote from AddieRN
    Hi you all. I'm just checking in as well. Despite the fact that I only have my very part-time consulting job, I have been busy with church activities, etc. Well it's been 1 month and a week since I quit my job on the cardiac unit at the hospital. I've applied to at least 5 different positions at 2 different hospitals, and have heard nothing back from any of them. I'm thinking of calling HR at both the hospitals, but I'm scared of what they might say. I wonder if my apps are even making it to the nurse managers. It's very, very discouraging. I still have no regrets about quitting though. I just have to cross my fingers and just pray that someone is desperate enough to hire me, lol. Keep the faith you all. We'll find something eventually.

    I would suggest that you contact the specific unit that you applied to and ask for the name and extension of the nurse manager. When your ready you can call them directly and show your interest in the specific unit position. I've began to get a couple calls from newspaper adds that I've applied to but really hoping to get back into the same organization I was in before. Good luck and keep us posted.

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    Hi everyone!

    Just checking in to see how everyone was doing and following up with you guys.

    I'm still unemployed and very miserable! I have applied to so many places and either there are not hiring until February or they will not hire me because I was previously in a new grad internship and they don't trust my commitment to them. I am extremely stressed out and trying to be as positive as I can. It's been 1 month already since I stopped working and yet no word about the possible transfer to a different unit.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement, but, there are some responses that are telling us to hold on and stick it through when he have already let go. We cannot go back in time but only look towards the future.

    God bless you all.

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    I think you sould leave it on your resume as well.

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    I Scream,

    You are right. Let us continue to lift each other up in prayer. PM and let's keep in touch.