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  • Dec 9 '08

    Hi, i am a foreign graduate nurse who is currently in USA. I just finish taking my NCLEX for the FIRST TIME last dec. 2 and this morning I just received an unofficial result from Pearson Vue telling me that I have passed! Wow, God is really good, He answered my prayers.

    I decided to make a comment on this forum for the first time for two good reasons: 1) I wanna thank the people behind this forum cause it surely did helped me all throughout my great ordeal as I was studying for the Nclex. There were times when I felt so tired that I just wanted to be lazy and lie down for the rest of the day but I forced myself to check out the latest comments in and I read the many inspirational and some discouraging comments about the Nclex that made me energize and get back to my studying again 2) I wanna share and encourage the other NClex takers who have failed or are first time takers to never give up and to tell you my only secret for passing was in PRAYING MORE THAN STUDYING! I know some won't agree with me but prayer is really powerful, it worked for me and I know it will work for you too. With the coverage of nursing, I know there is no way that I will be able to retain or memorize everything that I have studied, this is the reason why I just gave and offered my prayers more than studying. But don't misunderstand me, I still studied but there were times when I can't go on that I just prayed and prayed.The night before I took the exam, even when I was resolved to have faith, I still got afraid and wasn't able to sleep that much ( which worries me because I have to have 8 hours of sleep the night before). Then I came to the testing center 30 minutes before my time but the people inside didn't let us in until after 15 minutes. Boy, you can just imagine the coldness of the winter wind slapping your face as you try to hold on to the many nursing datas that you had stored in your mind! lol.

    Then I get to sit down for the real test, I prayed again before touching anything from my keyboard.It took less time with all the tutorial because I read it beforehand in one of my preparation days. So off I went, I had a musculoskeletal question and I think I had it wrong because the next question was kinda very easy... and then I move on to the next questions until i noticed the time i had spent and whew! I had answered 17 questions for 1 hour and a half !but it didn't bothered me that much because I know I can beat the time and stop at 75 if I can answer correctly the first 75 questions in the exam, and so I took the time. I was praying for every question that all the more lengthen the consumption of my time, but again I wasn't worried, I know a miracle will happen and I know I had to take my time. Then I was in question 74th and i had a feeling that the computer will shut down at 75, and so i prayed longer this time, as I look at the clock it says 3 hours have I spent for all these 75 questions, and as a I click next after i answered 75, true my feelings, the computer shut down, signalling me that it was all over. I know deep inside my heart that the Lord intervened for me.I was so amazed that all the questions I got were easy questions! ( Of course Im not trying to brag because I know it was the Lord's divine intervention, for I am nothing without Him) I felt peace of mind and a joy that I know I had made my best and the Lord will then do the rest. I walk out of the with a satisfied feeling...After three days I had the result and it says I HAVE PASSED. I can't contain my happiness, everybody was happy for me and I was pretty sure I had the hands of God all through out that experience. So I am writing now to all of you, a testimony of how good it is to trust God in every area of your life. I know a lot of people have passed the nclex but one thing I know Victory is much more sweeter and satisfying as you obtain it by trusting the Lord!:heartbeat

  • Nov 16 '08

    Leave it on. Start looking for another job and explain that you were not happy on the unit you were on for the internship. Taking it off, if they found out you were actually working, is grounds for firing you later on. Taking it off also makes it look like you haven't worked at all, and ANY experience is better than none.

  • Aug 14 '08

    I am new to this site, yet I've been reading post for months. I would like to tell you my story in hope to encourage others, and most importantly tell you to never, never give up.

    My journey began 11 years ago, graduating nursing school in 1997. I was unsuccessful in passing the NCLEX-RN on my first, second, third, and even a fourth attempt. I'm in Florida and back when I first started you could take the NCLEX as many times as possible. After my fourth attempt, the law changed and remediation was required before sitting for the exam again.

    I told myself, "well, it just wasn't meant to be, and maybe I should do something else." So, I moved on while still working in the health care setting. I was fortunate that I was able to progress in health care, just not the clinical setting. Meanwhile, as the years passed it just kept eating away at me, knowing there was unfinished business.

    I worked for an organization for numerous years, received my BS in Health Care Administration looking to move up the ladder. Unfortunately, last year I lost my job due to budget cuts. I received an opportunity to work for another organization, and after a few months I realized this wasn't a good fit. I started thinking about what can I do, the economy is getting worse, jobs are becoming harder to get. So, what are my options.

    I then realized that I needed to go back and become eligible to take the NCLEX again. I searched for remediation courses and found one that had a very good reputation. I made the decision to start all over, resigned from my job and was determined to be successful.

    I just took my exam on August 11th, and after 11 years of running away from the NCLEX. I found out this morning I PASSED. Words cannot express my happiness. I worked very hard for 5 months, taking a 10 week remediation course, becoming eligible and sitting for the exam.

    For those of you who have not passed, no matter how many times you've tried please remember this. You have never failed even though these are the words they use. You don't get to this point having failed.

    My hope is that this may inspire someone to find the courage to keep their dream of being a RN, LPN or any licensed professional alive. I ran away from my fear for a long time, but I faced it and now I am an RN.

  • Jul 21 '08

    To all of you testing this week, God be with you, here is a prayer for you:

    Father, I lift you name above all others and praise you with all of my heart. I ask for your grace and mercy for each of your dear children testing this week. Father, remind them of Your Holy Spirit, whom is their comforter. When they are afraid, and unsure, or weary, during the exam, help them to cry out to you. Give them clarity of thought, open their minds to what they have reviewed. Give them confidence as they begin testing, be with them as they answer each questions and help them to select the best right answer each time!! As they leave the varying testing centers across the contry this week, help them to leave in peace, resting in you and what you have accomplished through them. In Christ's name I pray. Amen.

  • Jul 18 '08

    i took it july 15 and my husband found out this morning that i passed!!! this is the greatest feeling in the world! i really thank the lord! yes i did my part but i believe that without his grace, i won't make it..i didn't get surprise when the computer stopped at 75 because i was praying for it..i came in the test center feeling really confident, not nervous at all but came out feeling defeated, sick and drained..i couldn't eat or sleep..then my mom reminded me to hold on to my i prayed, read the bible and claimed that i will pass..i asked god that i want the result by friday (which is today), and guess what? when my husband checked the ca board of nursing's website, there's my name with the license number!

    i studied in the philippines so i'm not really familiar with the medications they use here, i have to work double time to learn about those meds, side effects, actions, etc. i was just blessed that during the exam, i only got the common meds...

    i used saunder's and i found it really helpful, the rationale is explained well. i'm encouraging everyone to use it! i used suzanne's first tip and i want to thank her for that! i also used kaplan question trainer, but if i have to do it again, i'll just stick with saunder's..strategies won't work if you don't have a good foundation, so brush up on your content..know the basics, the fundamentals..we tend to focus on harder topics (rare diseases) and tend to forget the very basics..

    i also recommend prioritization, delegation and assignment by la charity, i didnt have a hard time with prioritization and delegation questions during the exam because of this..

    take time when you're reviewing..some recommend not to study for more than 3-4 hours per day, but it really depends on you..if it takes you the whole day (if you have plenty of time) to do 100 questions, then review only 100 questions for that day, be sure to understand the rationale. if time allows, scan it again the next day to make sure it sticks with you..

    during your practice exams, treat it as if your taking the real test, so your mind will be conditioned on what to do..don't rush! and remember to eliminate first, if you eliminate at least 2 choices, you have a better chance of getting the right answer. don't just eliminate it in your mind, write it down, write numbers 1-4 and eliminate 2 bad will save you time and will help you focus on the remaining two...

    review your infection control! there's a great thread here that has mnemonics, you need to memorize which diseases belongs to which precautions (airborne, droplet, contact)..i believe i answered each question correctly just because i know the precautions by heart..i made a poster and put it on the wall and read it every single day..

    i did it and i didn't even study here, i'm sure you can do it too!
    pray, be confident, think positive and do your part...

    goodluck to everyone! i want to help in any way i can...

    believe...all things are possible if you believe! mark 9:23:redpinkhe

    joy rn

  • Jul 18 '08

    [font="arial black"] to *shalom*: :typing

    hey there again! awwww! you are soooo sweet to change your colors and write me a little note! it sincerely touched me! thank you, thank you! :wshgrt:

    i was listening to this song on youtube by yolanda adams called "im going to be ready"
    anyone who is reading have to see or better hear it!

    set your speakers out loud and just listen to the's just beautiful!

    those lyrics inspire me, bring me confidence, bring me closer to god.....i just love it!
    all those bad feelings of the test go away!

    [font="arial black"]ladyqt: thank you for sharing that song with is truely inspirational!!

    if you haven't heard it and you need some inspiration, some encouragement or just need to hear something positive to get you through the day during your nclex prepping, this is the song! i fell in love with it!

    here are the lyrics so you can follow:

    i'm gonna be ready

    i say a prayer every night, whatever i do, i'll get it right
    with no regret, no guilt or shame this time, no not this time
    once i surrender, i won't dare look back, cause if i do, i'll get off track
    move ahead in faith, and patiently await your answer, what will it be

    sight beyond what i see
    you know what's best for me
    prepare my mind, prepare my heart
    for whatever comes, i'm gone' be ready

    strength to pass any test
    i feel like i'm so blessed
    with you in control, i can't go wrong
    'cause i always know, i'm gonna be ready

    i was free to do, what i wanted to, lost everything, but i still had you
    you showed me your grace, now my life's renewed and i thank you, yes.. i thank
    so i'll tell anyone who'll listen, i'll testify
    about how good you were to me, when so call friends passed me by
    the fact that you would show somebody so broke down, so-much-merccccyyy...

    sight beyond what i see beyond what i see
    you know what's best i know you know what's best for me
    prepare my mind...prepare my mind and prepare my heart
    for whatever comes...for whatever comes i wanna be ready

    strength to pass any test give me the strength to pass any test
    i feel like i'm so blessed i know that i'm so blessed
    with you in control...your in control lord, can't go wrong no
    'cause i always know...cause i know that i'm gonna be ready

    so use me as you will, i'll pay the price
    'cause made the ultimate sacrifice
    it's all because of you, that i even have life
    and i'll give my love, as a tribute, to how great you are...

    sight beyond what i see beyond what i see
    you know what's best i know you know what's best for me ohh oohh
    prepare my mind...prepare my heart and prepare my mind
    for whatever ...for whatever comes i gonna be ready yeah yeah yeah

    strength to pass any test i wanna pass this test
    i feel like...i know that i am, know that i am, know that i'm so blessed
    with you in...your in control of my life lord, i can't go wrong no
    'cause i always know...and i know it i'm gonna be i'm gonna be ready

    i'm gonna be ready this time i'm gonna be
    i'm gonna be ready cause you live deep inside of me
    i'm gonna be ready and i know it's in your will for me to be ready


  • Jul 18 '08

    Quote from ladyqt
    thanks for the clarification. haven't taken nclex as yet, but will be doing so on july 29 at 8:00am, please keep me in prayer. when do you test?

    hi ladyqt!!! i took my nclex on july 8th and i found out (after exactly 48 nerveracking hours later) that i passed!! :d i can tell you that i really believe that you will pass. i believe that after graduating nursing school, we all possess the knowledge needed to pass nclex. we are so much smarter and more powerful than we think we are! anyone can have a bad day, or a bad luck of the draw and not pass nclex!

    my recommendations (not that i'm any expert, and i'm sure you know this stuff anyway):
    1. get a good night's sleep the night before! (i didn't, or couldn't, and i was miserable.)
    2. buy yourself a nice breakfast on testing day. (it will be faster than cooking.)
    3. don't hesitate to use your breaks! this test is not a sprint, it's a marathon.
    4. take your tiiiiiiiiiiiime!!! cannot emphasize this enough! you have plenty of time. read and then reread the question, saying it slowly over and over in your mind. ask yourself with each answer option, "ok, why wouldn't this be the right answer?"
    5. remember all of the cool general clues in nclex questions and check for them in each question such as your abcs, maslow's, patient safety always first, go from least invasive to more invasive.... etc all of those good hints.
    6. also, in all of the review books i read, they always said to eliminate answer options that are similar (ex: dark leafy greens option is similar to brocolli option), however i really didn't notice many "similar" options in my nclex exam. if you do see similar options, i guess you should be skeptical that one of them is the answer.
    7, if you find yourself getting panicky during the exam (like i did), practice deep breathing or cleansing breaths to calm yourself down. i usually don't get flustered while testing, but man i did when i took my nclex!
    8. there will be no one that anyone can do/say that will make those next 48 hours go any faster. it was the most agonizing wait i have ever had... just try to do something fun like go to a movie or out with friends...... the wait is a necessary evil unfortunately.

    ~remember, no matter what the result, be proud of yourself!!! i mean think about it! you got through nursing school, and you got through a really really scary exam, even if you didn't pass! you will be a nurse one day, it's just a matter of how soon. that's it. if you do fail (which you won't), studying and learning more nursing knowledge is only going to help you in your nursing career.

    wow sorry i rambled. reading these posts around the time of my nclex really helped me to not feel alone. someone who is not in nursing really can't fully "get" how scary nclex can be. you can do this. you have all you need inside of you. please let us know how you do or if you have any questions, etc. i hope this helped, even a little bit!!! :typing

  • Jul 18 '08

    To God Be The Glory , Great Things He Has Done!! I found out this afternoon that I passed NCLEX. I have to tell you all, that it would not have been possible without all the prayer and support of many. I have not wanted to talk alot about my test experience because it was so different from everyone else's I have talked to, or read about. When I finished with 75Q's I did not feel stressed or freaked out. I didn't feel like I had failed, and I expected to feel that way. I think I didn't because so many people were praying for me. I know I am intellegent, and I learned alot in school, but I could not have passed a test like that, and feel as good as I did about it, without knowing that God was in control. I thank him for opening my mind and giving me clarity of thought. I will continue to post my weekly prayer every Sunday and try to post an individual prayer for each of you if possible. Any one who would like to help me in this is more than welcome. I am totally exhausted so please forgive my spelling. I love you all, and thank you for your support and prayers. Again, to God be ALL the glory.


  • Jul 18 '08

    hi ladyqt!!! it means "trust in yourself"! hope that nclex is going well for you!!!

  • Jul 16 '08

    Quote from LadyQT
    I need your prayers. I find myself while studying that I'm making simple mistakes when answering questions. I test July 29, but I'm trying my best to do 200 questions a day from Kaplan and Saunders. I'm praying for all of you.....I rejoice with you when you come back and give us the good news of passing. It gives me the perserverance to press on and continue trusting in God!
    Hi Lady:

    Thank you so much for posting the link to that beautiful song. I watched it before I left to take my test and it blessed me! A prayer for you:

    Dear Father, I praise you and lift your name on high. You are so good and kind, gracious and loving. I ask for your fogiveness of my sins. Thank you for Lady. She has been such a blessing to this thread, and now Father I pray blessings for her. As she continues to prepare for NCLEX give her success as she reviews and answers questions. Help her to have scores that will build her confidence. Reveal to her the areas where she needs to build her knowledge, and give her joy as she prepares for the exam. Help her to take time to rest in you and in your grace. In the name of Christ, I pray. Amen.

  • Jul 15 '08

    all we have to do is thank God right now and believe we recieved our blessing. We are Gods children, we are royalty and there is nothing he wouldnt give us. So if we believe in our hearts we passed it will come to pass. God bless all of you!

    he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6).

  • Jul 15 '08

    I promise, I won't put up post after post, but I do want to tell my nclex story in the hopes of easing the anxiety of those of you who are struggling with even the thought of the exam..

    A little about my background. I started nursing school at the age of 33. I was married for 14 years, then divorced not knowing how in the world I would take care of my children. I had been a stay at home mom and with no college education my future looked dim. Nursing, particularly behavioral health, has always been an interest of mine...anyway....

    I started school and was shocked at how difficult it was..but guess what? I didn't have the option of failing, I had to complete this no matter how hard it was. The first 3 semesters I made "B's", but the last semester killed me. I don't know what happened, but I studied my butt off and barely ended that semester with a "C". When I took my final that semester, I left that day just knowing I had failed....thank God I passed!!!

    Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of the madness...I knew NCLEX was the last and most difficult hurdle I'd have to face. How would I study? I didn't know. Obviously I wasn't pulling out past notes, or was I going to read all the information again...What would I do? I went online and there was a repeated pattern...everybody said practice questions, practice questions, and more practice questions. So I thought..hum I don't hate studying that way, so that is something I can do. I would have loved to take one of those high priced classes, but honestly I didn't have the money for those.

    I went to the library and checked out three books. Each book had tons and tons of practice questions. In the end I probably ended up doing about 1000 practice questions. Towards the end I noticed a pattern in me. I was beginning to answer the questions right even though I might have not even knew the information. That had to be a good sign I thought. I also have the Saunders book and I went through some of that, but not a whole lot. When it came to test day, I didn't feel very confident at all....I remember thinking to myself while waiting to test....boy I should have studied more!!!

    I took the nclex on a Wednesday. The testing center was 2 hours away, so the night before I stayed in a hotel and studied some, but mainly just relaxed. I got to the testing center at 8:00. Everyone there was so nice, that it made the experience at least tolerable....

    OKAY, so I sit down and I had heard some crazy story about trying to get the first question right...well quess what? I didn't even know the first one. I got to about question 35 and realized..OMG I don't know any of this. I am so stupid, I should have studied, I should have taken a class, I can't believe I have to pay another 275.00 to do this agaiin. I literally wanted to get up in the middle and run away. I sat there and said to myself "Please don't shut off at 75 because that will mean I am doing so badly that there is no chance of redeeming myself.". Well of course!!!!! The dang thing shut off at 75!!!!!!!! I didn't cry, I drove home turned up my music full blast and told myself over and least I can take it again!.

    Oh my poor family and friends. They mean well...OH, you did fine, you passed, don't worry, you did it! I wanted to scream...stop saying that, you don't know, I KNOW I failed!!!!!! I think if one more person told me I passed I would have dropped them on the spot...what did they know anyway, they don't even know what a freakin nclex is!!!

    So I go online and read post after post about how if it shuts off at 75 that is a good sign. I feel better, then I read...I failed at 75...OMG that's going to be me!!! Many of my friends got their results the next day after 5pm from the ohio board of nursing website. I checked the next day after 5 and the dang thing said PENDING. What the heck does pending mean? Other friends said they didn't get theirs until 48 hours later. OKAY, I can wait 48 hours, but NO MORE. I get online after 48 hours and NOTHING. I have spent the past 2 days with huge knots in my stomach, I can't sleep, I can't eat and they don't have the decency to post my results in a timely manner.

    I literally couldn't take in anymore. I went to the personvue website, paid the freaking $7.95 and got my results.. I passed, oh that's probably a mistake, WHAT??? I passed? How? I would have bet my fortune..$200.00 to be exact that I failed...but I didn't

    Why am I writing this? I want to tell you that it's okay. I got 75 questions, was sure about maybe 2, and I passed. What was the test like? Many priority questions, like who would you assign to this patient. I got three check all that apply (boy do I hate those) and NO math, no fill in the blank or anything like that. On each question there was maybe one or two that I could throw out, the other two I guessed. When I say guessed, I mean I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT WHAT THEY WERE ASKING!!! I also got about 5 drug questions.. I knew one only because it is one I take, the other, I couldn't even tell you what class they were in. My questions would go from difficult to basic (no, I didn't even know the basic ones)......

    I can't tell you how I passed, but what I can say is practicing questions did help I guess because I passed. Looking back I would have probably taken a class designed to help you through the nclex just because it would have given me confidence when I walked into that testing room.

    If you don't read anything else please read this....have a plan to keep yourself busy after taking the test. Do not do what I did and sit around the house and obsess about that crazy test!! It will eat you alive. Go shopping, go watch a movie, drink yourself into a coma (just joking) just don't do nothing....

    If anyone is about to take the nclex and has any questions, please feel free to ask, I would love to help you as much as I can. I know in the midst of it, I would have loved to talk to somebody who had been there already..

    Well I'm off... who knows, I might put on my scrubs, my badge with red RN tag hanging off of it and walk around WalMart just for the fun of it Good luck everybody....

  • Jul 13 '08

    Lord please be with us as we struggle through this seemingly stressful time. Allow us to pack tons and tons of nit picky information into our brains and Lord, grant us recollection of this information with ease. We have come into this field with helping others in mind and aiding them in their first and last breaths as you have as well. We ask that you grant us our passing so we can aid in your daily work, like you providing us with the brownie sundae and we, your nurses putting the cherry on the top. Thank you Lord for the chance to work with others and please Lord smile down on us as we prove to our states that we will make competent nurses.

  • Jul 12 '08

    Thank you all for the prayers and support. This site has truly been a lifesaver to me and I am proud to say that through God, faith, prayer, and allnurses...I am an official RN! Congrats to my fellow new grads and for those preparing, or awaiting results. Keep your eyes on Him and He will not let you down. On my way to work this AM, i turned on the radio and every station I was listening to, some song came on to praise God, put your eyes on Him, relax and breathe, etc. When you are in the center of His will, you can not go wrong!

  • Jul 11 '08

    Quote from iloveclay
    I'm rather weak in this department. I read another post that referenced a link to isolation precautions? Does anybody have that? I would be extremely grateful.

    These 2 attached documents (pdf doc) are what you need to know for infection control and precautions...

    Good luck!

    Attachment 6463

    Attachment 6464