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Joined Feb 24, '15 - from 'Lexington, SC, USA'. StayAtHomeNurse is a Transplant Case Manager. She has '21' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Oncology, LDRP, Case Management'. Posts: 19 (53% Liked) Likes: 13

I graduated from Westmoreland County Community College in 1994 with an Associates degree in Applied Science, majoring in Nursing. After graduation I began working in Home Hospice before landing my first hospital staff nurse position on a Med-Surg/Dialysis/Detox unit. I then moved to an Oncology position where I worked for four years becoming chemo certified and oncology certified through the Oncology Nursing Society. From there I went back to home hospice and homecare nursing. In 2000 I moved to South Carolina and took a position in SICU, eventually moving to LDRP where I worked for over 9 years as a staff nurse, per diem nurse and travel nurse. My next stop was the VA where I worked in the GI lab followed by another brief stint as a home hospice on-call nurse. I also worked as a Patient Service Representative for Zoll Lifecor and as a Nurse Case Manager for a managed care company. I recently received my Case Management Certification from The Commission for Case Management Certification and landed my current position as a Transplant Case Manager.

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Transplant Case Manager
Lexington, SC, USA
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Oncology, LDRP, Case Management
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21 years
Traveling, reading, learning, the beach, sunshine.
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