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    Do PVT or pay for quick result.

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    Quote from SpinCycle81
    Some will take this post negatively, and if you do then I'm sorry - I'm just trying to do my part to maybe help reduce the stress of some of the upcoming test-takers.

    I just took my NCLEX on Tuesday. 75 questions, 34 SATA, and I have to be very honest - the exam was far easier than anything I encountered in my last year of school. This might not be the case for some people, but I know that I can't be the only one who went to a school that administered difficult exams. Since I'm in Florida my license # went up on the BON website already and I already know that I passed.

    I'll keep this short and sweet. If you're still going to take the test soon, don't turn it into a boogeyman! It's just another exam and you might be pleasantly surprised. Just study as if it were any other NS exam!
    Thanks for trying to calm some nerves. Good to hear, well appreciated. Does the questions look like some thing you have come across before or not at all. Did you see topics you already know, and what resources did you use to study. Any of the resources you used similar to the Nclex? Thanks

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    It depends. But it is likely you have to do the Bridging program. You will not be allowed to work even if you pass the Nclex. You have to go through their own training to qualify to work and manage patients. As far as you are coming from a different country, many nurses that I know had the same situation like you are still here not working as RNs even though they have passed the Nclex. One could be qualified to write the Nclex but not yet qualified to work in the hospital until you finish a program called Evidence of Safe practice, which could be either because you have not been working as RN for 3 years or you just immigrated to Canada from a different country. I mean it is a long process but you can send them an email to find out what they can say to you. Hope this help.

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    Quote from MsCici83
    I found the NCLEX questions similar to the ATI practice tests.
    Okay, thanks and Good-luck in your search for a Job.

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    Congratulations dear, how did you find the questions?

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    Quote from suraiya2018
    I was thinking is that could be shorter than 18mths because I passed INECAP ? have you hear someone did shorter education course ?
    My dear, the school will have to give you their own timetable, you can't beat it faster than the stipulated time, you will also have to do 2 clinical placements, each last for 4 months which is 2 semesters. The number of courses you will do again ranges from 9-12 or more which you have to complete in 3-5 semesters before you will be due for clinical placement. You can not do it shorter than the time the school will give you. It feels like hell sometimes because it is a repetition of what you have already done. You can be eligible to write the nclex but you can not work even if you pass until you finish the program for Evidence of practice. So inquire from them if you are eligible to write the nclex before you could finish your evidence of safe practice so you can start studying for it same time you are doing the program. It is really a long process indeed, but keep hope alive, one day it will be over. Goodluck.

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    Quote from lorilavon
    I will attempt it again. Since this I am looking into ways to combat the anxiety. That is honestly the only thing I can figure. I have had to tell myself that this happens to people , it's not just me. I did not know about the private room I will for sure do that. Also, what is the Amazon reference you talked about? Thank you for your support and words of inspiration!
    Pearson Reviews & Rationales: Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN (3rd Edition) (Hogan, Pearson Reviews & Rationales Series): 978134376325: Medicine & Health Science Books @

    And try this too if you have not, this is the latest edition, it was just released this week, fully updated than the previous edition. I hope they will help.

    Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment: Practice Exercises for the NCLEX Examination, 4e: 978323498289: Medicine & Health Science Books @

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    You might have passed.

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    Sorry to hear you couldn't make pass but you can the next time. It scares me when i hear people fail, i rather hear people pass. You also can try PICMONIC, it is fun buy i grab a lot by watching , so if you are a visual learner, try that app too. Goodluck in your next exam.

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    You don't need to be nervous because that could lead to failure. You need to deal with the test anxiety, that could be the problem, and i believe you can overcome it. If you are nervous you can easily pick the wrong answer. Why would you quit after first attempt? Many took it many times before they passed and you too can do it. Testing strategy could be your problem since you got a higher % of passing on UWORLD. You can buy Mary Ann Hogan latest edition on Amazon, someone just swear by it after failing the first time with UWORLD., or try Saunders and try finish the online questions. I am still preparing to write the Nclex before the year runs over, so I am not there now. I feel sorry when someone post of failing the nclex. Calm your nerves by taking a deep breath before starting the exam and also you can request for a private room to write your exam citing testing anxiety. I wish you all the best in your next exam.

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    Congratulations dear, what a hard work! Your post is very encouraging.

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    Wooo! Congratulations. Does some of the questions seem like what you have seen before or just odd to you?

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    Keep hope.

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    It is roughly 18 months. Not less than that. Am doing the same now. It is a lot of stress and money.

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