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    Yes, yes and yes!!
    I love being an RN! Of course every place you work is going to have it's issues/politics, which is unfortunate but you have to learn to separate your life from your work life. You are your own person so even if other nurses are "mean and not nice to each other" that does not mean you have to be. You have a opportunity to set an example that maybe others will follow, also this is an adult world so if you are being treated poorly or unfairly then you can do something about it. Maybe I live in a sheltered world but I have worked in several hospitals and of course as I mentioned everywhere will have some issue, but for the most part the women/men that I have worked with are some of the nicest most caring individuals I know. I also am planning on pursuing my MSN or DNP in the near future because I love nursing education and would love a chance to help people in that capacity. Just so you know you will also run into clients/patients that treat you poorly, probably more than you want to, but once in awhile you will run into one that you relate with and help and there is no other feeling like it. I guess I should mention I am primarily an OB nurse now, but still do Med/Surg as well, the beauty of nursing is there are several different areas to go into, so if one is not a good fit for you then some other area might be. You have to do what is best for you, I can assure you in every career you will work with and for people who will treat you poorly just a fact of life. Good luck!

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    Hello I have been an OB nurse for over 6 years now and am preparing to take my inpatient OB certification examination. I was wondering if anyone out there could offer some advice about this examination. What study materials did you use ect? Also those of you who have taken the examination if you care to offer up any random advice I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you all in advance!!