Why Medical Surgical Nursing Certification

  1. I have been considering getting a Medical Surgical Nursing certification but was wondering if there is an advantage to doing so. I think any opportunity to learn is important so I don't mean this in a flippant manner, but can anyone tell me the advantages of being certified in medical surgical nursing? I have been a med surg nurse for 2 years and have never had my NM asked me if I was going to be certified.
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  3. by   tokmom
    Well...you learn a lot more indepth and it helps you think a bit more critically with a broader understanding of issues.
    For me, it was also a personal challenge to take the class (it was 12 weeks long and excellent)and pass the blasted exam.
    The extra money earned isn't bad either.

    My hospital is paying us for the 12 week long class to become certified, so I took advantage of it. Even though I have been a nurse for a long time, it's nice to have more indepth knowledge.

    BTW, one co worker took the ANCC and the rest of us took the AMSN. The ANCC focused more on ethics, law, etc..from what she said. For us the AMSN was strictly all the systems/diseases, labs, and a lot less ethics.
  4. by   Lennonninja
    It shows commitment to education and your patients, looks great on a resume, and Magnet likes having certified nurses. But mostly the looking good on the resume I think ;P