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Had a young patient the other day with pancreatitis, pretty much from drinking so much. Patient was receiving Dilaudid 2 mg Q 4 hours prn pain. Was getting it every four hours pretty much but would... Read More

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    Quote from armystitch
    Phenagren is also better than zofran b/c it not only helps w/ the nausea but the pain. I'm sad that they are also phasing it out. That is going to be a sad day.
    I like phenergan. I think it has a better effect on patients than Zofran. Our hospital still uses phenergan, but under no circumstances are we to give it IV because it is so caustic to the veins. At other hospitals (when I was a student) we would routinely give phenergan, we would just dilute it. Even with dilution, my facility does not want to have it given IV. If the doctor insists, then the doctor needs to give it IV himself. Phenergan must be administered PO or by deep IM at my facility.

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