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New to Med/Surg

  1. 0 Hello All,
    I became an RN in Dec. 2010, so I'm still very new to nursing. I have been employed by a long term care facility since Feb. 2010. This week I accepted a full time noc job in med/surg at a small hospital. My position also floats to OB on occasion. I have wanted to work in med/surg since I was first introduced to it as a student. I am excited, but also very nervous to start this new job being that my only professional experience is in LTC. I want to succeed but worry that my skills and knowledge of acute care aren't up to par. I have never even started a peripheral IV. Has anyone made a similar job change or have any advice? Thank you!
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    Sure people do it all the time. Most of the pt's on Med/Surg floors are elderly anyway, and the younger ones should be a piece of cake, or close to it.
    As for the IV's, just practice, practice, practice.
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    I have only worked medical surgical plus my floor also does post-op care for our bariatric surgeries. I like the fact it's constant learning and like the above poster a lot of our patients are nursing home patients and our "walkie talkie" pt. are easier but I find way more needy and demanding with us nurses, some nights I would take all elderly VS younger patients, but overall great experience you can't find anywhere else. Took me about a year before I really enjoyed staff nurse.
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    Med surg is busy unpredictable and can be CRAzy and I so love med will get used to it with IV just practice and don't give up keep on looking for those veins.