Life After Med/Surg

  1. Would like to hear from nurses that gave up Med/Surg for another type of nursing. Happy endings please. I need a change.
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    looking for one


  3. by   nightengalegoddess
    Quote from NurseHotFlash
    Would like to hear from nurses that gave up Med/Surg for another type of nursing. Happy endings please. I need a change.
    Oh my gosh, this is so funny. No responses. It IS so hard to get out of Med-Surg. The management doesn't want to let you go and these days it is hard to get yourself into a training situation in another type of unit. Best way to go is get all your ACLS, PALS, and get to know the managers of the other units (E.D., OR, ICU)....and make it well known that you are ready and willing to work any shift for the opportunity to make your way in another area. A lot of hospitals are starting internships for specialites now that the economy is better. I would watch for that kind of thing.
  4. by   tokmom
    I was going to comment, but didn't know if my answer was what you were looking for.

    Yes, I did get out of Med/Surg nursing to work other areas of the hospital. I always went back though, because I liked the challenge. Probably not what you wanted to hear, lol.
  5. by   TNT_RN09
    I got out after 5 yrs and am now doing correctional nursing and I actually like it. It's a different type of nursing. I got offered 3 other positions in the hosp but I turned them down
  6. by   bg6RN
    I left med/surg for the OR. I love it so far and hope never to go back.
  7. by   NurseHotFlash
    Thanks guys for the honest feedback. I know med/surg is killing me, but I am adicted to the challenges. Every day I say "Today will be different. I will be so efficient that everything will get done." . . . . . .and everyday it doesn't happen. Just hard headed, I guess.
  8. by   SammiJoRNBSN

    I hope you find what you are looking for...however, I think that so many nurses are type A...which is why we are so hard-headed. I always tell myself after a difficult shift - did I maintain the safety of the patient? Yes. Did my staff remain safe as well? Yes. Did I do no harm to the patient? Yes. Did I do the best I could despite running into complications with different patients? Yes. If you're answering Yes...then that's half the battle. Being type A can be a real pain in the butt, but I'm sure your patients are thankful for what you've done for them. Most are very understanding that Med/Surg is always going to be a tough field. Best wishes in your endeavors!
  9. by   cn2007rn
    I left med-surg for home dialysis, I love what I do now, I train new dialysis patients how to do their dialysis at home and then monitor labs and their well-being. It's very rewarding but can be stressful at times. I hated M/S at times, but I do miss it a lot, sometimes I look for a per-diem position just to stay in the trenchs! LOL Good luck w/ your decision!
  10. by   FLmed
    I really love Med-Surg nursing, but I don't love that I always get 6 to 7 patients. I'm running myself ragged. I have a huge heart and really want to make a difference. I wish I could have 5 patients and be able to really give some extra time to the patients.
  11. by   Indomitable
    I left Med/Surg after 1.5 years and transferred into the ICU. I enjoy the critical thinking but I work Telemetry often just because I miss the patient education and different illnesses on the floor. Sometimes I miss my patients talking to me and other times I wish they were silent. I get a good mix floating between but types of floors and I'm happy doing both.