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Im a new grad nurse, landed a job in spring, passed my boards then started on the floor a couple days ago. This may sound like overreacting too soon to some readers but I truly feel in my gut that I just don't belong on a med... Read More

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    Thanks for your input....it's not that I "like" the other one better than my assigned one, I just feel more comfortable with her and feel we work in similar ways. I wouldnt walk into my managers office saying "I cant work with .... because", I agree that that probably wouldnt be the best thing but I do want to let my manager know that maybe one is a better fit than the other, and isnt that okay? I mean not every match up is going to work, just as people sometimes have multiple partners before they find "the one" (sorry for the corny analogy). For all I know the manager could just tell the original preceptor that due to scheduling conflicts I have to switch to a different one. I dont want the original one to dislike me after it but I dont really care if she does either. I came there to care for patients and in order to do that I need to feel as confident and comfortable as possible when Im off orientation, so before that day comes I need to be as prepared as possible ergo I think working with the other woman would be better for me and ultimately for the people I care for. Just my honest opinion. I already got upset this morning knowing that I have to work with my original preceptor today. I will flat out say can I just shadow you and go around with you to see how a day goes? If she gives me crap and says no or whatever Im meeting with my manager. Ill talk with the manager and approach it like you said, ("saturday night went much better, etc. etc.) but if she asks me reasons I will say I just feel more comfortable and that we're a better fit and that in no way I dont like so and so but I just feel that I mesh better with the other one. anyways I want to see how tonight goes and if its not as good as last night or I just know shes not for me Im talking with my manager this week. This is already hard for me and I cant make it any harder by staying and training with someone I just dont fit with.

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    I would tread lightly, like others have said, but if you get a better fit, then go for it. Maybe Nurse A will be happy to have you gone, who knows? Some people are forced into precepting and it shows!
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    I really get frustrated when I see someone treated badly when they are new at any job, no matter what the level of experience. There will always be people who need to impress you with how fast and smart they are...and insensitive.
    A co-worker told me her experience with another nurse that made her feel slow,stupid and useless. She cried on the way home and didn't want to come back. I think management knows these nurses but is short staffed, desperate to
    get those new people out on the floor, so they just schedule them with anyone who is breathing. Teaching is a specialty, precepting is a privelege. (and yeah I know, I used to precept so many people at one hospital because of the turnover, I would have given anything to not be used as a preceptor. I just faked it, and did my best and usually I'd end up having a really good time.

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