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I'm new RN off orientation a few weeks. I work days and it's crazy busy. Yesterday I didn't have time to chart until the end of shift. I was there until 10 p.m. exhausted physically and mentally. I'm now stressing about... Read More

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    Night shift can be a slower pace but you also have much less support staff. Also when pts start sundowning. It is just different not necessarily easier. Also need to put on big girl pants to wake up that nasty dr in the middle of the night - not all of them mind you but all hospitals have them. Good luck whatever you do. It really does take a year before you start to feel comfortable in a hospital in my opinion. I was very overwhelmed and then a year had passed and I was doing ok. Hang in there it does get better and if it doesn't might take a look at the unit/hospital you are working.
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    After reading some of these posts, I felt some of that anxiety creep back in. I worked on a busy PCU floor for over a year, and often felt overwhelmed and defeated at the end of the day. Even though the hours flew by and the weight melted off me, I felt like I rarely had a minute to catch up. Charting sometimes kept me a couple hours past the end of my shift. That was tough, especially after being physically wiped out, trying to focus on charting. The worst was knowing I would be returning the next day to the same chaos. There were even times on my days off, when I was called in to fix my charting. I certainly don't miss the floor, but have the utmost respect for those who stick it out day in and day out.
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    12 hour day shifts are KILLER! (I just got home from one!). Day shifts are invaluable for experience and learning though, I hope you try and hang in there for awhile. It will get better, I promise!!
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    Nursing is like cheese it gets better with age and some time it stinks.
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    I got off orientation in January and on my first day solo I stayed until 9:30 PM to do charting. Since then things have gotten a little easier. I am now usually out by 7:30 PM, sometimes 8 PM if I had a busy day. IT DOES GET BETTER. You will start to get your own routine and things will go a little smoother everyday. You need to chart whenever you get a spare second. If I wait until the end I am there until 9 PM at least. I second keeping your "brain" updated throughout the shift. It will make charting and giving report so much easier. I would be lost without mine.
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    Thanks for the encouragement. We'll see how things go. I've still got moving to night shift on my mind. I'll see how things go in the next few weeks and decide.
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    oh geez, Im a new RN and I start day shift Med/Surg in 2 wks. Im really nervous now.
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    Good luck Lilybug12! I feel I went to a great nursing school, for the most part, BUT overall I don't think that they prepare you for what is's **really** like. They preach perfect world holistic nursing and I don't think it actually exists -- at least not on Med Surg day shift! Ha!! If you feel the need to vent, feel free to send me a private message.

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