CMSRN or CCRN? Both?

  1. What I'd like to know is , is there any relative advantage to getting certification in Med-Surg nursing (CMSRN) or should I just go ahead and try for my CCRN, or better yet, get em' both? I'll have enough relevant experience come January to apply to take the CCRN boards, and I can sit for CMSRN right now, and I'd like to know if either would be helpful down the road.
    If it makes a difference I work for the Federal Gov't and I've never seen where they've asked about professional certifications in relation to jobs offered. BSN's are becoming de rigeur in the private sector and I don't see that they confer much of an added advantage, pay or advancement wise. The cost/benefit ratio doesn't seem to be there, especially for older nurses.
    I'm not planning on making a move in the near future but I like to act like I'm serious about this profession (I am, actually), just in case anyone's looking.
    I plan on staying bedside. Crazy as I am, I like helping real live people get well.