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Web based system for MDS

  1. 0 Our LTC facility in a small town still does MDS in handwritten form. I know we are missing so much by not being computerized. Can anyone tell me what web based systems you have used? Thanks!
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    Any computerized assessment tool is only as effective if ALL relevant information related to resident care is also entered electronically. Unless your facility has adapted full electronic documentation, you're not really missing much. With a commercial MDS software, the facility may only be able to utilize a limited feature than what the program can actually provide. Not to mention initial cost plus upgrades, and the upcoming MDS 3.0 version.

    Some software vendors and their link...
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    Thanks for your reply. good points. What systems are other small non-profits using?
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    How are you submitting your MDS info to the state?

    W use Accumax to fill out the MDS / write care plans / submit data to the state. Our aides input data on ADL's , weights, intake, etc. into a computerized system called Care Tracker.

    Care Tracker has its pros & cons like any other system, but the aides can't just copy what the one before them wrote and it saves the MDS nurses a lot of time in data collecting. Care Tracker can be web based (meaning the data and programming are on outside servers , not computers in your facility....not good if the internet connection goes down).
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    We use Rh+ to submit. 2 of us fill the MDS out and another person submits. We use 30 day mood and behavior check sheet and simple ADL sheet but I feel we could be capturing a lot more. Thanks, I will check out what you mentioned.