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questions, questions

  1. 0 Ugh! I think I have a question, lol... I am not sure though... getting so confused since the changes! If patient admits 9/19, starts PT 9/20 and has first ard (5 day) on 9/26 with a RUG of RMX, then has 14 day ard on 10/2 with a RUG again of RMX, 7 day look back done on 10/10 not COT required, next 7 day look back would be due 10/17 if patient were here, 30 day PPS ard is 10/16, pt had expected return to hospital for planned surgery 10/17... I can combine the 30 day with the dc,and my RUG is still RMX for the 30 day/discharge assessment... but am I doing this correct? I feel like I am missing something because of the scheduled ard for the 30 day being on 10/16 and the dc being on 10/17... I know one day it will be clearer but right now I am either over thinking it or dense.
    Thank you for any help or clarification
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    You're right on track except there's no need to do a 30-day since the 14-day RUG would be paid 'til 10/16.
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    Quote from Talino
    You're right on track except there's no need to do a 30-day since the 14-day RUG would be paid 'til 10/16.
    Thank you, as I read what you said about the 30 day once again I realized I knew that, I just get so caught up in not doing enough! I appreciate it Talino
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    Actually, if you did ARD on 10/02 the COT Observation period would be on 10/09. The rule is 7 days from ARD theday AFTER ARD is Day 1.
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    It seems like it would have been simpler for everyone if CMS had just changed the rule to state that everyone receiving Medicare rehab services should have evaluations every seven days period.

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