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I know you all have heard this request before, but I am looking for a PPS/medicare daily tracking form. I used to work where we had one that updated days used when the date was changed at the top of the page. The cells had... Read More

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    If anyone still has a copy of the tracking form I would much appreciate a copy. Thank you!!


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    Now I'm curious. If there is a PPS tracking form different from the MDS 3.0 PPS Assessment Calculator that is helpful to people then I would certainly like to see it. If someone has a copy then please email to andy.alegria@dads.state.tx.us. Equally important, I'd like to know what people, facilities, or companies created any forms that are emailed to me. Thanks.
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    Andy3K can you email me your form to hugo.franzani@rehabcare.com
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    Anyway I could possibly get that Excel spreadsheet sent to me? I'd really appreciate it. I have one, but am always looking for new a better things.



    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    If you send me a private message with your email address, I can send you an Excel program that does everything you need.
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    Can you please send me a copy as well?
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    I am asking for a copy of any MDS tracking or calculating information anyone has!!!!!
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    Can someone pls email me this pps tracking form...thanks in advance rossellerica@vistacove.net
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    Robin technologies has a tool available on line....put admission date and it shows the entire 100 day stay with grace days designated.It has made my life a lot easier!

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