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I know you all have heard this request before, but I am looking for a PPS/medicare daily tracking form. I used to work where we had one that updated days used when the date was changed at the top of the page. The cells had... Read More

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    I just set up my first patient on this form and it is a dream so far! Thank you SO much!

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    Gosh, i just never got to post my email too as i have been hoping
    to also get the pps calculator, i was just waiting until you were done, i
    wish i could rewind time but i can't. I would really appreciate it if you
    could email me too, i am the only MDS Coordinator at my facility and
    this would be so helpfull. I am so sorry for having to put u in this
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    Gosh i even forgot to post my email sophownia21@yahoo.com
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    As a reminder, the PPS assessment calculator is attached to Post 29 and you can download it from there. You do not need me to email it to you.
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    i would love a copy of any tracking froms. i have ideas of how i would modify the old one.. but i cant find a copy of it anywhere.
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    i am new in the field of long term care and I need a form for PPS Medicare Tracking to be use for our UR Meeting. Can someone please send me a blank form. Thanks. you may send it to jpbbbs@yahoo.com
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    Would you please send it to me as well at fisher22803@yahoo.com
    Thank you so much!!!!!
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    i would like on to gbrassard@iroquoismemorial.com
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    Could I also get an E-mail of that too please. Would really appreciate it.

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