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i can't stand it, i just can't stand it. our assessments are assigned to the person whose weekly assessment falls within the period. that way they are divided among all the shifts. we do 8 hours shifts through the week and ... Read More

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    Why would we need an MDS coordinator.... we are only 130 bed facility??? (I'm being sarcastic) We have to do the PPS, quarterlies, sig changes, annuals, entry records, discharge MDS, care plans, care conferences... plus run the units. And lucky us... we are starting triple checks. I set up the assignments and assessments, put out the I&Os, bowel and bladders, sleep assessmets, then I have to review all of it and decide if they need a toileting schedule and create yet another document I have to update. I have to monitor psychotropic meds, alarms and restraints, wounds, pain management, falls, provide insurance updates, get auths, the list goes on and on. For example, I finally got to my MDSs today. Which is the last day I could do them. But I am so busy running units and I have to find time to squeeze in the MDS process and everything it entails. Plus I am a certified wound care nurse, so the other units will consult with me so I have to go off and assess wounds.

    Our area is really saturated with medicare replacement policies, so they still get rugged according to the PPS schedule, but they go no where close to their 100 days even if it is an unsafe discharge. Totally ****** me off.

    There is soooo much more we have to do. All with me and another nurse manager. OK... I think I am done venting. It was a crappy day today. Thanks for all your MDS help. I hope if I have questions, you will help me in the future. I appreciate all your help!! Have a great weekend.
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    ummmmm can I suggest....... find another job??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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