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    Hi, I recently discovered that I as an LPN could in fact work in this aspect of nursing and have since became very interested. My question is this, where can I go online to get the training/certification for MDS work? I have googled it and I have only come acroos once site where you can either attend a live seminar for 2 days or take the same seminar and veiw it online - but am thinking there is more to it then just watching something on the computer. I am wondering if anyone knows of anything else that I can look up to get this training/certification? I will not be doing it right now - but will once I find out how much it costs me so I can save up. Thank you, and I'm in Wisconsin - not sure if that matters much.

    Thank you in advance,
    Ann Schneeberger
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    Go to they have an online certification program for MDS coordinators. Very intensive, very good, plus you can join AANAC and have a good resource of information from MDS coordinators throughout the country along with experts in the field.
    I have two credentials one through AANAC and one through NASPAC, I am letting the NASPAC expire because of the fact that I have to attend a "live" seminar to renew. AANAC lets you renew online with continuing education courses through their online university. Check it out!
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    I live in WI too but, work in Minn. THe AANAC does line you up with where courses are taught live by experienced trainers. One source that i know of right off hand is Pathway Health.
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    Hi: I'm from Canada eh? Are there any online certification courses for us cannucks up here? I have the basic given by my institution, but wish to know more indepth information.
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    Quote from Expectations
    Hi: I'm from Canada eh? Are there any online certification courses for us cannucks up here? I have the basic given by my institution, but wish to know more indepth information.
    Try sending your inquiry here
    Yes, it's U.S.-based, 'tho they're the ones in-charge of the interRAI version of the RAI MDS 2.0 which is used in Canada.
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    I am too an lpn, I first got my experience from actually being a coordinator and recently received my credentials thru NASPAC. This was a three day seminar that i attended and it was very informative. You can go to they are a nation wide credentialing company.:typing
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    Thank you for all the helpful informations! Im just starting to learn MDS. Keep me posted on anything new....
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    does anyone know if it is smart to take the online course if you have not recently worked in MDS? Thanks
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    You can look the the AANAC website and see the options available. You can download the course, take it online or find classes in your area. I believe to take a class in person is easier and since you can ask questions... you come away with a better understanding.
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    My opinion is this. The AANAC certification is great but.....I do not believe that if you do not have any experience in the MDS, you will understand it. The best thing for you to do before taking a class such as that is get yourself an MDS 3.0 manual. Make sure it is the 3.O and not the 2.O. Get a blank MDS and study the manual from front to back so you at least have a clue what you are doing before taking a course. Completing and MDS is easy. It is the rules and regulations that are hidden in the manual that are difficult. In addition, the most important thing is learning how to calculate RUG levels and how to get the highest one. The job is about making the almighty dollar.
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