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  1. I have recently been promoted to RAI Coordinator and am finding that a lot of staff do not really understand what they are coding. I have tried looking up coding examples and senarios online and found a whole lot of nothing. Does anyone know of a site that would provide some actual examples of what to code when that are more specific than the manual? I would like to keep some at the desks so all the CNAs on all the shifts would have some kind of constant references.
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  3. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Chances are your CNAs don't have time to read manuals. You need to get out on the units and demonstrate what you mean. I would often go around carrying a sweater to demonstrate the difference between supervision, min assist, max assist and dependent. I might have looked silly standing in the hall getting dressed, but the point was made and even the CNAs whose English wasn't perfect understood the difference.
  4. by   kcgardens
    I do that. Just seems some of the older CNAs are very resistant and stuck in there old ways which frustrates me because we lose money due to insufficiant coding. I was looking for something concrete to show them that wouldn't appear to be my opinion but fact. Thank you anyway!
  5. by   ibtootie
    I have started doing inservices and have reoriented each CNA at least three times, but still find the same errors over and over from the older CNA's. I haven't found any material to cite specific examples, so I used real past patient scenarios (with identifying info removed) and made my own material. I have also been given a 2 hr orientation block to the new hires to try to train them from the start how to code appropriately and demonstrate to them the impact their documentation has on the facility. They seem more interested once they see that their input has meaning, and isn't just "busy-work" for them to complete. Overall, it's been an improvement.
  6. by   kcgardens
    I made up some of my own examples for coding. The biggest issue has been in the alzhiemers unit and trying to get them to know the difference between moderatley impaired and severely impaired cognition. I actually did a meeting with the cnas two days ago and they seem to be getting it. Didn't help I was a new person that had come into their "territory" and trying to change things. Some are coming around. Ill give it some time!