1st CMS survey

  1. Hello Everyone!

    I just wanted to say thank you all for all the help when I posted here. Also for all the information gained while just browsing others posts.

    I was brand new to MDS in 2011 and New to LTC then also. I took over the role of MDS coordinator for the retiring MDS Coordinator. I started my training in April 2011 and took it over completely on my own at our facility in mid July 2011. I have been to this board many many times since then gaining knowledge, along with a class and some training from the previous MDS Nurse.

    In 2011 we had our CMS survey in June and had an issue come up with MDS that required I audit records for the next 9 months, other than that no MDS issues. I was also still considered in training.

    Last week, June 2012, we had our CMS survey. My boss felt like the surveyors were really digging deep into our MDS. When all was done and said the entire facility did great with only very minors dings. For the MDS dept (me) the only thing that came up was that I had clicked on a box in error, meant to click on bipap/cpap but had checked off vents instead. I was able to do a modification on this the same day it was found.

    I know I have a ton to learn yet with MDS, I know I have worked extremely hard this past year learning understanding etc all I can about MDS. I still could not have done as well with this forum and my State MDS Automator. I offer up a huge thank you to all here who have helped me many time. Thank you!

    Carol (crazyforthis)
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    That is inspirational. Thank you for sharing. Good for you.
  5. by   mdsnurse12
    Glad to hear you survived! We had state survey in March... It was sooo nerve-wracking, I felt like I would just going to melt into a puddle on the floor when I saw the surveyors walk in.

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