Will Donate Blood for New Grad RN job!!!!

  1. I don't mean to be desperate But DAMN!!!! Over 250 applications submitted and not 1 Bite!!! If anyone out there knows anyone hiring New Grads Please help a fellow Nurse out I'm dying here with NO EXPERIENCE ;( I have no clue what to do next ;(
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  3. by   watersamy
    Try the nursing homes and rehab centers. Don't be picky about hours and shifts....take whatever you're offered and suck it up so that you can get your foot in the door. Once you have that 1 year of experience you can look elsewhere.
  4. by   MBrickle
    There are some pediatric home care companies hiring new grads. Pediatria is one of them (www.pediatriakids.com). Pay starts at like $29/hour. At this point you need to take whatever you can get...no matter the position or pay to just get some experience. After about 6 months or so you will be more employable, PLUS, home care is a unique environment where you are afforded the opportunity to work with more medically complex, yet comparably stable patients, meaning it will give you trach and vent experience that you aren't likely to get in a hospital with your current credentials and experience.
  5. by   Chapo84
    Thanks for the reply, trust me I am anything BUT picky! I live 30 minutes North of Boston and if there were a position open I would not be complaining. Hopefully something picks up quick!!! Thanks again !!!
  6. by   RN_SummerSeas
    There are LTC and homecare jobs left and right when I look (daily) where are you searching? Many homecare won't hire new grads (I am a new grad as well). I ended up taking a position in LTC on a subacute floor. I hate it but I need the experience. I literally dread going to work every day I work. It could be a great job if run properly and staffed properly but it is not, sadly.
    Here is a link, I use this site often, IDK where you are at so I picked a north of BOS town, lol! Good luck!
    Rn Registered Nurse Jobs - Wakefield, MA | Simply Hired
  7. by   Farmer at heart RN
    Not sure if your still looking but I know Pediatria is hiring for cases out near Boston!