Western Massachusetts Hospital?

  1. Has anyone worked there? It is a state run, chronic care hospital. I just got offered a job there and I am SUPER excited. I was actually offered two jobs today, but I really want to work at Western Mass Hospital, so as long as the pay isn't horrible I am going to go for it.
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  3. by   watersamy
    Congrats on finding a job. State Hospital RN jobs do not pay as much as independent hospitals do. Their salaries are more like LTC facilities pay. From what I've heard, their RN I positions start at $48,000 a year and their RN II positions start at $50,000. If you have experience they may be able to "recruit" you at a higher pay. They do have consistent yearly raises that would bring your salary up 3% each year for the next 12 years or so and whatever cost of living raises are in their union contracts. My only word of advice is to be careful, I've heard that their patient/nurse ratio is rather high compared to a regular hospital and that state hospitals offer a rather short "orientation" period.

    Congrats, it must be nice to have a job!
  4. by   cayenne06
    Yup, went in today and yes, the pay is pretty awful. While my other job offer had a higher salary, I still think I am going to take this job because I think the experience will be better, and the opportunity for advancement is definitely there.

    I do have an interview with a peds home health agency on monday, and if that pans out it could be perfect!
  5. by   hotflashion
    Cayenne06, what you gonna do? Did you take the Western MA Hospital job? I've applied before and never gotten a nibble, so I am very interested to hear your experience.
  6. by   nativenurse48
    Hello cayenne06,
    congratulations on the two job offers! I was many yrs ago a resident of Massachusetts. I am now residing in NewBrunswick CA. I am a licensed practical nurse and recently I have been looking into my opportunities to return home with my nursing diploma. Of course presently I am applying for the NCLEX exam? I was wondering if you can tell me little about the exam and how many questions to answer and tell me how did it go for you? what are the job aspects in Mass..Iam from the worcester county area,,thanks look forward to hearing from you
  7. by   cayenne06
    Well, I ended up getting another job offer for a more reasonable salary. Western Mass was offering me 23/h as a "level one" nurse, and I ended up taking another position for 30/h. It is not my ideal job, but the schedule works perfectly for me since I am working on my BSN.

    Still looking for my ideal job, though!
  8. by   mb19
    Where else were you able to get a job? New grad jobs are so hard to find!