UMASS Boston - RN to BSN online - Stating in January 2012 - page 2

Hi. I have been accepted into the UMASS Boston RN to BSN online program. I am slated to start in January 2012. Is anyone else strting with me? Is anyone else also in this program? What are your thoughts on it? Thanks,... Read More

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    Hi- I'm strongly considering this program. Is there a way to PM you so we can talk?
    I'm curious about the work load. I'm working full time right now, and I'm a little nervous about an all online program but I think it will be the only thing that will work.

    What type of work is required? Mostly papers? Tests? Clinicals? Presentations? Group projects? Do you have to go to campus or a clinical facility at all?

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    Also, what is the service learning project and the capstone paper??

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