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Hi all, I saw a topic for people that applied last year, but wanted to start a new one for everyone applying this year. Still a long time until the application deadline, but I have some questions... Read More

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    Hi Talvo
    I emailed admissions last Friday and they didn’t have any new information yet. I'll let you know if i hear anything new. The waiting process is excruciating! Good luck!
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    After a difficult decision, I have decided to give up my spot at UMass to attend another program, so there should be a spot opening up soon! Good luck to those on the waiting list, and best wishes to those who will be starting the program in May!
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    Hi all, just found out I have been accepted from the wait list! Good luck to everyone!
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    Final decision has been made. I will be attending umass boston this summer! so excited and look forward to meeting all of you
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    Just wondering, for those who got an acceptance letter, what was your undergraduate GPA?
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    Hi all,
    Not sure if this thread gets looked at anymore, but I was curious if any of you that were accepted and are now well into the accelerated Umass Boston program could share at which hospitals you've done your clinicials? That goes for any UMass Boston accelerated graduates as well... I read in a post elsewhere that the clinicals weren't the best (despite their advertising of clinicals at Boston's top hospitals), and that's going to largely influence my decision to attend..

    Thanks for any insight you might have!

    With thanks,
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    Hi Lexilou. I was also a little apprehensive about this too but I've been happy with my clinical placements so far. Here is where the class has been placed this year:

    Nursing Process and Skills (summer)
    - most of the clinical time was in the lab at school
    - the whole class spent 2 clinical days at the Whidden Hospital in Everett

    Adult Health I (fall)
    - Faulkner Hospital, Boston
    - Boston Medical Center
    - Beth Israel Boston
    - Beth Israel Needham

    Mental Health (fall)
    - Cambridge Hospital
    - McLean Hospital, Belmont
    - Emerson Hospital, Concord
    - VA (Veterans Administration) Brockton

    Maternity (winter)
    - Cambridge Hospital
    - Beth Israel Boston
    - St. Elizabeth's, Brighton
    - South Shore Hospital, Weymouth
    - Brigham and Women's, Boston

    Community (spring)
    - VA Jamaica Plain
    - Norwell Visiting Nurses Association

    Pediatrics (spring)
    - Children's Hospital Boston
    - Newton-Wellesley Hospital
    - Boston Medical Center
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    @elizzy17 Thank you - That's incredibly helpful.... and reassuring! I have a friend who recently graduated from the accelerated program at Duke and she emphasized that, in her opinion, one of the biggest strengths of a nursing program is the quality of their clinicals..

    I have one other question, if you don't mind my asking.. How was the financial aid process with UMass Boston? I realize as a second bachelors there isn't much aid available, but so far (and I understand it's quite early) the financial aid office hasn't been able to give me any understanding of what, if any, aid might be available...
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    Just got accepted to MGH - hopefully that opens up a spot for one of you hopefuls on the wait list! Best of luck to everyone.