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Hi, Anyone applied for the accelerated bsn in umass boston 2012?... Read More

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    Thanks! I know, it's so unbelievably competitive and there really isn't a 'typical' student that gets in. My acceptance letter was dated 3/2 and I received it on 3/10 - and I live 4 miles from the campus... so there definitely is a time lapse! Good luck - keep us posted!!

    cafi123 - did your student deposit say "fall 2012" on the top right? I emailed admissions to make sure they added in the right form..
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    I got in!

    I actually still haven't received the letter, but I received an email earlier this afternoon. It appears it was sent out to all accepted students.
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    Congrats Mapie22!!

    cwrn1 - Yes my deposit form does say 'Fall 2012', but that's an error.
    I went to the admissions office this morning to submit my $200 deposit and they told me that 'Fall 2012' was incorrect. I later rec'd an email from the school with info regarding this incorrect date...the correct date is May 29, 2012.
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    are you sure it was to all accepted students?
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    Congrats Mapie! I hope that email didn't go out to ALL accepted students because I didn't get it . Is anyone else on here still waiting??!
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    i'm still waiting. i didn't get anything in the mail today.
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    I got a regular sized envelope and my heart sunk but it was just a letter informing me I had been selected for an interview. A little delayed!
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    phew, well that means they are still making decisions and still interviewing people, so maybe i still have a chance. good luck in your interview!
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    I had my interview last week! The letter was dated 3/6.. Just took a while to get here. This email thing is stressing me out.