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Hi, Anyone applied for the accelerated bsn in umass boston 2012?... Read More

  1. by   BostonTerrier
    To those of you who did get in: when is your decision to enroll/deposit due?

    BostonRobin I got the same email as you, waitlisted. It was my first time applying anywhere so I am not completely devastated but definitely disappointed
  2. by   kylie002
    Boston Terrier....did you email them first and get that reply or was it automatically sent to you????
  3. by   BostonTerrier
    Emailed them asking when we should all be notified by..
  4. by   cwrn1
    I want to say I read they needed deposits by May 1, but the deposit form was also for fall 2012 students, so the deadline might be sooner for the accelerated.

    Also -
    Northeastern started a new direct entry online program that can take 48 students per start every Jan, May and Sep. It's brand new and not too many people know about it yet - the first cohort starts May 7. I would suggest looking into it. You request information and an admissions advisor will contact you and explain all the program details to you via phone. You get your BSN in 16 months, then work for 6-9 months and can decide if you want to finish with Health Admin as your masters, apply into another masters, or just stick with your BSN. Just another option for everyone to look into...
  5. by   rn2b 2012
    yup 55k tho
  6. by   cwrn1
    I know, it is steep. I thought I read since it's technically a 'graduate' program you might be able to qualify for more money/scholarships etc.
  7. by   rn2b 2012
    Its an option but I think they is less money available for graduate degrees-most are completely loans
  8. by   journey933
    I had my interview on 2/29...haven't heard anything yet. They said everyone would know by today the 15th but I guess not. Looks like i"m either waitlisted or denied..oh well.
  9. by   BostonTerrier
    Thanks CWRN.. ill check it out.. I know Northeastern is pricey but it is a good school. Not sure how I feel about everything being online though..
  10. by   Meeeshlizz
    I was called today by the admissions office and I was denied entry for the traditional program but accepted into the hybrid program for the summer cohort but since I am graduating may 19, I would have to defer entry until fall. The program allows you to go into admin or neonatal but to go into the other specialties you have to reapply. I was also accepted into the family specialty at MHG. Northeastern was my number 1 school so I feel inclined to study there plus the commuters charelstown is really difficult! Tey said there would be no difference in my bachelors degree and no where on any paperwork would it differentiate hybrid from traditional pathways. Labs and clinically would still be in Boston and Burlington. I am going to have a tough time deciding, where is everyone else at with these schools? My deposit for MGH is due march 29, June for NEU. I hope this helps/I would love as much feedback as possible!!
  11. by   erk2012
    I had my interview a couple weeks ago and still haven't heard anything. Has anyone else not heard?
  12. by   journey933
    I finally recieved a letter today...I am waitlisted but it says ill be notified by May 30th which must be wrong cuz the program starts before then.
  13. by   ahm24
    has anyone heard anything recently?