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Hi, Anyone applied for the accelerated bsn in umass boston 2012?... Read More

  1. by   BostonTerrier
    Congrats Mapie! I hope that email didn't go out to ALL accepted students because I didn't get it . Is anyone else on here still waiting??!
  2. by   ahm24
    i'm still waiting. i didn't get anything in the mail today.
  3. by   BostonTerrier
    I got a regular sized envelope and my heart sunk but it was just a letter informing me I had been selected for an interview. A little delayed!
  4. by   ahm24
    phew, well that means they are still making decisions and still interviewing people, so maybe i still have a chance. good luck in your interview!
  5. by   BostonTerrier
    I had my interview last week! The letter was dated 3/6.. Just took a while to get here. This email thing is stressing me out.
  6. by   ahm24
    me too. i'm convinced i didn't get in now.
  7. by   kylie002
    me too just joined this conversation...had an interview before the ones that have already received emails/letters, and I haven't heard a thing
  8. by   BostonTerrier
    It's not over yet though! No news is technically good news
  9. by   BostonRobin
    I had my interview last Tuesday 3/6 but still no e-mail/no letter...
  10. by   BostonRobin
    Waitlisted! Here's the e-mail I received today..."An official letter (accepted waitlisted or denied) is mailed to each applicant's home by the end of March or sooner but I can tell you that you have been waitlisted at this time.
  11. by   ahm24
    who did the email come from?
  12. by   BostonRobin
    I sent the Accelerated Nursing Option Coordinator a message inquiring on my application status and she replied back with the update.
  13. by   kylie002
    Boston least you still have hope now Maybe I'll email the coordinator..or not, I almost don't want to hear anything, as now it seems almost definite to be bad news