umass boston accelerated bsn 2012 - page 6

Hi, Anyone applied for the accelerated bsn in umass boston 2012?... Read More

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    how did u check your status online...where is the website for that?

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    I received an email from UMass confirming the receipt of my application and was assigned a user and pin number with which to check my status. The link for the website was included in that email. The website itself would be useless to you without a user and pin number. If you didn't get the email, perhaps you could call admissions to get it? Or check your spam, in case a filter didn't let it through.
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    Just google "umass Boston undergraduate Application status" or go to the admissions page of the website and you should see a tab on the left ' application status' click it and you'll see the orange square towards the right 'check your application status'. You'll need your application ID number and password which was either emailed to you online app) or mailed to you when you applied.
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    I got my acceptance letter today!! I checked my mail earlier this morning and found the big white envelope.
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    cafi123 when did you have your interview!? congrats!
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    ahm24, I had my interview on Monday (Mar 5th).
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    I got in!!
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    I had my interview on Tuesday, so hopefully i'll find out monday. i'm so nervous
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    Congrats cwrn!! I had my interview on Wednesday, hoping I get something soon, the suspense is killing me. I've been stalking the mail lady. M interviewer said they did about 60 interviews for the 30 something spots!!

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