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Hi, Anyone applied for the accelerated bsn in umass boston 2012?... Read More

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    Good luck on your interview, and congratulations!

    I am wondering now too, and very nervous since I haven't heard anything.

    Would you mind sharing what some of your stats are, current career? Undergrad major? GPA? Other experience? Good to know for next time if this isn't my time to get in.


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    I scheduled my interview for this Thursday, March 1st.

    Best of luck everyone!
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    I applied as well, and unfortunately got my rejection letter today... I'm really bummed... I have MS in education, 4.0 GPA from Bunker Hill, completed PCA certificate and work at Mass General for over a year now. I had great references and applied on time. I don't know what else I could have done to make it...
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    I'm sorry, ursa. I haven't received a rejection letter yet, but I anticipate it's on its way, since I haven't received a phone call. Out of curiosity, has your Admissions Decision status changed on the Application Status website? Application Status - University of Massachusetts Boston
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    I am 23, I had a 3.3 gpa from Framingham State in Sociology, a 3.7 from Massbay for my prereqs. I was a PCA for 6 years, but i have never worked in a hospital or any hospital setting. I work in a machine shop right now and babysit. Idk why I got chosen over some of you because it sounds like ursa30 had great experience and grades. This confuses me. I am sorry to hear about that. From looking at past posts it seems like they accept a few ppl each week so some people will hear later than others. If you havent been called in yet don't lose hope yet. Does anyone who had an interview yet have any advice? I have mine tomorrow.

    thanks and good luck to you all
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    O yea and bettle10 I started sending stuff in in december and it didnt show as complete on the website until the last week of January.
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    As of yet the Application Status hasn't changed. This seems to always happen late.
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    yesterday i received the following e-mail message from the admissions coordinator "the final review of all applicants is feb 29th and all applicants will be notified by march 15th or sooner". i had applied early but didn't move forward in january's early decision round so my application is being considered in this last review.

    as additional background...i'm a umass boston alum with a b.a. in polisci (3.3 gpa), m.a. in international affairs (3.3 gpa) and a 3.98 gpa in my prereqs. i've been accepted into other absn programs (mghihp and simmons) as well as the direct entry masters program at regis. i'd like to attend umb since it's the least expensive option (hope to use the savings to later pursue a msn). it's frustrating that my alma mater may not be offering me a spot...guess it's not meant to be!
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    Did any of you included your resume in the application?
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    Yes. I quit my corporate job to pursue nursing. I've been working as a CNA since Sept 2011 and volunteering at MGH since June 2011. I hoped these experiences would be relevant to my application so I included my resume.

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