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Has anyone else applied for this program? I'm seeing that some are in the accelerated program, but little mention of the traditional. It be nice to know others that are in this with me :D Btw, I am in the nursing pool, hooray... Read More

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    If you're a transfer student it will take between 2.5-3 years to graduate from the nursing program at UMass Boston. I don't think it's impossible to get a nursing job from a Boston-area hospital; it's all about networking with clinical instructors and the nurses working on the floors at the hospitals you have clinicals at. I have friends who graduated from Regis College with me who were nursing majors and they have jobs, although I have to say that they were on their own when it came to job hunting; I don't know if UMass Boston helps in that department whatsoever. Anywho, here are two points I got from a CNHS folder:

    "88% of our alumni live and work in New England, with 94% of those professionals committed to promoting health and wellness in the Commonwealth."

    "We have collaborative partnerships with more than 200 world-class hospitals, healthcare agencies, and physical fitness settings."

    I hope those two points give you some hope about the job market if you are accepted into the program . I don't think that where you go to school should matter (unless it's a place with a really bad reputation), but as long as you have a degree (ADN or BSN), good experience and a kind heart :redpinkhe.

    Btw jaz, I was wondering when did you hand everything in? I know they say it takes about 10 days for a status to be updated, but I don't know if that changes after the deadline.

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    I also forgot to mention that I was reading another message board and saw something I have to post here. As it turns out, the College of Nursing and Health Sciences saves more seats for transfers first followed by freshmen students. There is very limited seating for anyone who is an inter-college transfer (a student switching majors). This made me happy somewhat, but still you never know what will happen...
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    I put in my application on the 24th. I went in perfect to hand over my package and make sure that it was complete and I didn't miss anything. I received an email that confirmed that my application was received and in the system; that's when the pin and app #s are sent.
    2 weeks down! 2 more to go! We are half-way there!
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    I got my rejection letter today and after only 2 weeks ... I guess now its time for me to look into ABSN programs again...

    Good luck to those still in the running
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    Oh my! So sorry to hear this, was there a reason for it?
    Can you pm me?
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    Yea I actually just sent you a message
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    Got it. I was unsure because I thought decisions were made in the last of Nov. and sent out then so they arrive in the first of Dec.
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    That's what I thought too, but at least I'm spared the pain later on... I just wish they had given more consideration to me and anyone else they had rejected so early (the letter was sent out since last Wednesday so it took them a little over a week to decide). Nothing in life is guaranteed...

    But please keep me posted on your progress!!
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    I will definitely keep you updated.
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    Hello there,

    I applied to UMass Boston for the Traditional Nursing program for Fall 2012 as a transfer student. I have contacted the school today via email and they informed me that a decision has been made on my file and they will mail out the decision letter shortly. I tried checking my status online but nothing has been updated. It still says that I am placed in the nursing pool, etc. I also just emailed back to the Admission Office to see if they can tell me the decision but I doubt that they would do that. I am getting quite impatient and nervous.

    I completed all the pre-requirement courses and had my Microbiology and Anatomy professors send in recommendation letters for me. I have a 3.82 GPA overall and now that I reread my essay/personal statement, I wish I had made a few corrections here and there. Does anyone know if the essay counts a lot? How competitive is it? Has anyone heard anything from UMass yet?

    Thanks and good luck to everyone!

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