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Has anyone else applied for this program? I'm seeing that some are in the accelerated program, but little mention of the traditional. It be nice to know others that are in this with me :D Btw, I am... Read More

  1. by   JoyNPikachu98
    I got my rejection letter today and after only 2 weeks ... I guess now its time for me to look into ABSN programs again...

    Good luck to those still in the running
  2. by   jaz_bos
    Oh my! So sorry to hear this, was there a reason for it?
    Can you pm me?
  3. by   JoyNPikachu98
    Yea I actually just sent you a message
  4. by   jaz_bos
    Got it. I was unsure because I thought decisions were made in the last of Nov. and sent out then so they arrive in the first of Dec.
  5. by   JoyNPikachu98
    That's what I thought too, but at least I'm spared the pain later on... I just wish they had given more consideration to me and anyone else they had rejected so early (the letter was sent out since last Wednesday so it took them a little over a week to decide). Nothing in life is guaranteed...

    But please keep me posted on your progress!!
  6. by   jaz_bos
    I will definitely keep you updated.
  7. by   Mochi16
    Hello there,

    I applied to UMass Boston for the Traditional Nursing program for Fall 2012 as a transfer student. I have contacted the school today via email and they informed me that a decision has been made on my file and they will mail out the decision letter shortly. I tried checking my status online but nothing has been updated. It still says that I am placed in the nursing pool, etc. I also just emailed back to the Admission Office to see if they can tell me the decision but I doubt that they would do that. I am getting quite impatient and nervous.

    I completed all the pre-requirement courses and had my Microbiology and Anatomy professors send in recommendation letters for me. I have a 3.82 GPA overall and now that I reread my essay/personal statement, I wish I had made a few corrections here and there. Does anyone know if the essay counts a lot? How competitive is it? Has anyone heard anything from UMass yet?

    Thanks and good luck to everyone!
  8. by   snackpack
    Quote from jaz_bos
    Has anyone else applied for this program? I'm seeing that some are in the accelerated program, but little mention of the traditional. It be nice to know others that are in this with me
    Btw, I am in the nursing pool, hooray for making the first cut!
    I also applied for traditional BSN program as a transfer student. I have not heard anything as of yet. they still have not cashed by application fee check either... I just called and left a message regarding my applicatin fee check. I do know a few people received acceptanceletters late last week.. I am hoping I hear somethig this week.. this is just torture...
  9. by   Steph2078
    Got my rejection letter today I am so bummed. It was my last chance to get in before my sciences expire.
  10. by   JoyNPikachu98
    Hey Steph,

    Have you looked into Salem State or any accelerated programs? I know that MCPHS-Worcester's (accelerated between 14-16 months) fall 2012 deadline is for June 1st. I also know that RCC's fall dealine is March 15th and the last day to take the TEAS test is March 14th. All other places I'm not so sure about.
  11. by   Steph2078
    Hi, I have not looked into those two, But previously looked into Quincy and Massasoit and many others. My big problem was that they only take science courses for 5-7 years. I just found out that UMB (and a few others) take them up to 10 years. I believe that it's 10 yrs this year from my first A&P. So that's why I had hoped to get in so I didn't have to start all over. Thanks for your help though!

    Oh and I only have an Associates in another field, so I am not able to do most accelerated programs
  12. by   JoyNPikachu98
    No problem!! I wish I could give you more advice but the only thing I can say to you is for you to look into Roxbury CC before the deadline passes. I was also rejected from UMass Boston (not once, but twice). As of right now I'm waiting to hear from my backup choice and I'm still debating on whether or not I want to try to apply to RCC as well. Only time will tell what the future holds for us all :-/
  13. by   EG24
    Did you get a reply regarding the application fee? I emailed them last week for the same reason, as I applied as a inter college transfer and still haven't heard a single thing. Also, no reply to my email!