Simmons or Johns Hopkins?

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    I currently live in Boston and have been accepted to the second bachelors program at both Johns Hopkins and Simmons. Is there anyone who can give me any advice about the Simmons program? I've had the opportunity to talk to Hopkins students (and am very impressed), but haven't gotten much feedback about Simmons. At this point I'm very torn about what program to choose (and whether to uproot and move to Baltimore) and have less than a week to decide. Any advice?
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    i don't know about simmons' nursing curriculum but the college itself is extremely reputable. i'd go to simmons in a heartbeat, if you prefer to stay in boston.
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    I did a campus visit to Simmon's. It is a small, private school. I liked that about the school. The lady I talked with brought out a big binder full of things that were written about them that were good. She seemed to be TRYING to impress me. While that is her job, I thought that was weird. When I went to Northeastern U, a professor said that she was sure all schools in Boston are good schools. The real question is in what you want to get out of the school. I think it was the Northeastern lady that prided her school on being the "better students" that precepted at the local hospitals. My personal opinion is where ever you go, you can't go wrong as long as it fits with you personally. From my undergrad school, I realized that bigger does not mean better. But, bigger does mean more professors doing research. That may or may not be a good thing.
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    I have not yet applied to nursing schools, but both Simmons and Johns Hopkins are on my list. I also live in Boston. I have three friends who go to Simmons for liberal arts, and they find it challenging. One of my friends is already working on her MAT there, and is satisfied with the program. Although none of this is nursing related, I think Simmons is a solid school. I also applied there for undergrad, but did not go for reasons I cannot remember. People in admission were also very very nice to me...

    Does the size of the program make a difference to you? I think that if it came down to choosing, I would go with the smaller nursing program size because of more individualized attention.

    Good luck!


    P.S. I am getting my CNA certification before I apply to schools, and am going to work as a cna in Boston for a year.
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    I'm currently in their direct entry MSN program and would not mind sharing my experience (which has been excellent!)
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    Hi I realize this post is almost 4 years old, but do you mind sharing your experience (good and bad) at simmons?! I would really appreciate! I now am trying to decide between MGH and simmons now by week's end. Any help from anyone is appreciated! Thanks!
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    I was also trying to make the decision btwn Simmons and MGH. I have decided to go with Simmons ME program. Simmons has consistently had a great reputation, and gives you alot of experience before graduation because they require you to work as an RN while pursuing your masters. I like the feel of having a whole diverse campus there, and not just an institute of health care people (Simmons brings in a lot of culturally interesting speakers/conferences that are not just health care related). Simmons also has ties to Harvard's school of public health, so if you are interested in that, you can get a joint masters with them.

    Good luck in your decision!
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    Hi Graymama,
    I would love to talk with you more about your decision to attend Simmons vs MGH. Could you tell me more about why you chose simmons and how you like it now?
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    HI! I was accepted to the Dix Scholars 18 month BSN program beginning in July. Is that the same program you were accepted to? I am attending Simmons and am very excited. Will you be going there as well?
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    Quote from Lucy121
    Hi Graymama,
    I would love to talk with you more about your decision to attend Simmons vs MGH. Could you tell me more about why you chose simmons and how you like it now?
    I'm trying to assess both programs myself, and decide by next week.

    Lucy121, have you been able to find out much about the two programs (Simmons, MGH) relative to one another? Have you decided where you are going?


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