RN to BSN or BSN/MSN in massachusetts

  1. 0 Hey all, I wanted to know if anyone in the Massachusetts area has information about any inexpensive schools where I can do an RN to BSN, or BSN to MSN. I have my RN associates degree and I recently moved to the area. I have seen a few schools that have the options but they are very expensive. Anyone with any info on schools, tuition, and any prior experience in any programs please help. Oh and I need programs that I can complete within about 3 years. I'm in the Lowell area if that makes any difference.

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    What about UMass Lowell or Middlesex?
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    The cheapest would be university of Wyoming online.. If I rembmer it is something like $150 dollars a credit. Then you could do some CLEP for the fluff courses.
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    Students enrolled at least half-time qualify for financial aid (federal--fafsa.ed.gov, or MA state--www.osfa.mass.edu/default.asp?page=partTimeGrant). UMass Lowell has a good nursing program and financial aid might offset the cost of tuition. Middlesex CC doesn't offer a BSN program, unfortunately.
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    I live in Mass and I got my BSN online through Western Governor's University.
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    Thank you all for the info, I will check them out.
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    University of Texas at Arlington. 9000 total in 13 months but I hear people finish in as little as 7 or 8. Umass Boston was super expensive and was going to take 2.5 years plus a clinical. No thanks as this will be my third Bachelors degree!

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