Quincy College LPN program Grads/Current students

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    OK I admit it, I am very anxious to start the LPN program in Sept. I have been reading all these posts about care plans and clinicals and all kinds of stuff, but I hear it's all specific to the program...

    Can anyone that has gone through the program (or at least the first semester) let me know what it's like. Where are your clinicals? What are they like? How many classes are you taking at one time? What are the hardest classes? What kind of equipment is needed to start? Any instructors to be aware of (of course that may want to be kept to PM instead of posting) Anything you would like to share?

    Thanks in advance.

    Oh and I forgot....do you recommend/use a PDA during class/clinicals? If so, which model/software for school?
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    I noticed your message was psted on 12/2004. It looks like i am a little too late .My name is Alexandra and i am planning to move to Massachusett soon I am looking for a nursing school, i heard about Brockton and i like the fact that they don't have any prereq's. I'd like to know if it's true before i make any move. Thank you.
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    Actually I joined in Dec 04 this was only posted a week ago. Brockton Hosp School of Nursing is a diploma school (no degree at the end) and they don't have any pre-reqs but I applied and NEVER got a response. I applied at end of nov and was supposed to get a response by Dec 15th per their literature stating accepted, denied or pending and still have not heard as of today....not professional. I got accepted into an LPN instead and am pursing that route for several personal reasons. It's also more expensive than the program I decided on.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to post or PM me. Good Luck
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    i am also starting the lpn program at quincy college in sept. i cant wait. im going full time, but right now im taking a few of the classes to make my load lighter, are you going full time or part time if your going full time see you in sept
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    I start in Sept f/t too! I'll see you then!

    I can't wait, I'm getting very anxious. What classes are you taking now? I thought about doing that too but I'm not really in a position to pay for the classes twice. During the summer I may take some of the courses required for the bridge program pre-reqs.
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    wasnt sure how to send you a message. but i am taking college math and soc. i will take micro in the summer, i also took some of the pre reqs for the bridge program. i cant wait,
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    well, sorry to hear that. R u at Quincy now ?
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    Hi guys,

    Congrats to all who got accepted into the LPN program :hatparty:

    I also got into LPN program at Roxbury Community College, as you well know, it is very competitive. Only 18 are accepted, so I am very happy.

    I will bridge over to RN soon after.
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    any info you have about quincy college would be great i start in sept and cant wait. thanks
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    Hi Erikalynn and ManurseHopeful

    It looks like I will be joining you in the fall in the full time LPN program.
    I am really eager to start. I may be taking some classes over the summer for the bridge program but they do make it known that you will be paying the flat rate fee anyway.
    Did you get the letter about the orientation on June 6?
    I was checking prices on the web for the scrubs and nurse kit we are supposed to buy and the prices seemed reasonable.

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