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  1. Hello All! I live in the Boston area and go to school in New Hampshire. I hope to work in Boston when I graduate in two years with my BSN. I am not sure what specialty I want to go into yet. I was just wondering what the starting salary for a new grad was in a Boston hospital. The online salary predictor's aren't exactly accurate. I was wondering if anyone had info on this based on personal experience or experience of family and friends. Someone I know graduated with her BSN last year and got hired in the Cardiac ICU at Brigham and Women's starting at 75K/year plus a sign on. I don't know know if this is the average or not for the Boston hospitals. I've tried going on the hospital websites but they never list the salaries for RNs. Thanks for your help!!!
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  3. by   NurseKatie08
    I used to work as a tech at Tufts Medical Center. They hire new grad RNs for around $28.88/hr plus shift differential. I would highly suggest trying to get your foot in the door as a tech at the hospital you are interested in. If the glut continues in Boston, positions will be very tight still.
  4. by   LMoonRN
    Thanks for the info. I've had good experiences with TMC from family members being there. I tried applying for tech/aide positions at several Boston hospitals this summer but heard nothing. I even called them and they said that if they were interested in me they would call me within X amount of time. It seems as though you need to know someone to get into these places, at least in my opinion.
  5. by   Tweety
    Hi. I'll move this to the Mass. Nurses forum, where you might get more views and answers from locals.

    Good luck to you!
  6. by   HappyPediRN
    Hi. No, not quite average. Most hospitals start be&Wtween $24-27/hour. B&W starts at $30 I believe.
  7. by   LMoonRN
    I'm sure the starting salaries vary too based on whether you are in a union or not. Does anyone know how the nursing unions work in Boston?
  8. by   April, RN
    If your friend is working night shift, then $75K a year is somewhat average in Boston. You can expect $27-30/hr right now, not including differentials. It seems for the most part that when one hospital raises their salaries, so do the other hospitals to stay competitive.

    Most hospitals in Boston are unionized. MGH and BI are the only ones that are non-union. Union hospitals do pay a little more but there are union dues to pay. There are pros and cons to unions -- some nurses prefer them, others are against them.

    It is very difficult to get a new grad job in Boston right now. Getting your foot in the door as a tech while in school is definitely the way to go. Most hospitals here are huge and get tons of applications a day so be persistent and call them to inquire about tech positions periodically. Another suggestion is to do your best in clinicals and make contacts at those hospitals. If the floor likes you, they will be more likely to hire you as a PCA or RN. A few classmates in nursing school got jobs that way.
  9. by   LMoonRN
    Thanks for the advice Seaside RN! Do you have any advice as to what to say to the people in human resources when I do follow up on applications? I applied to quite a few hospitals this past Spring for summer employment but I never heard any word back. I did call them all and I basically said that I'm a nursing student and I applied X weeks ago for X position, I was wondering how the selection process occurred?" Are there any specific questions I should ask when following up on an application for a tech/aide position in a hospital? Sorry for all the questions, but I have never worked in a hospital before and I definitely want to get a job in one next summer. I'm going to start applying in December over my Christmas break from school! The early bird gets the worm I suppose.
  10. by   April, RN
    Hi studentnurse10,

    You don't want to get lost in a big pile of applications so hopefully by being persistent, you will keep your name fresh in their minds. When you call, try asking if there are any updates on open PCA positions. Are there are any currently available, if they know when more will open up if they tell you there aren't any right now, etc. Anything to let them know you are really interested! Hospitals get tons of students applying for summer tech jobs. Maybe there would be more luck in trying to get a per diem tech job during the school year? Then you could pick up more hours during breaks. What about applying to hospitals outside the city, then applying to Boston hospitals after you have a little bit of experience?

    Many of us have found that bypassing HR all together and going straight to contacting the nurse manager of the floor works better. Some hospitals might give you the name of the nurse manager if you call the main line. Do you have friends in hospitals that can get you some contact info? Your nursing instructors might have contacts at hospitals as well.
    It's tough getting your foot in the door, especially in Boston, but something will come around eventually!
  11. by   LMoonRN
    Unfortunately, I can't work during the school year as I don't have time or transportation. Transportation is a big problem for me. I don't own a car nor would I be able to afford upkeep on it or keeping it on my campus. Working in the city would be easier for me because I could easily take the T, even if it would be a semi-long commute. O well, I will take your advice when I start applying in December and something will eventually work out. I am definitely going to apply to hospitals outside the city too , hoping something will work out with my transportation problem.