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New RN.. Where to get work with no experience - page 2

Does anyone have any ideas on where I should start out as a new RN? I live in Boston and most hosptials want someone with experience and bachelors degree. I only have my associates.... Read More

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    Watersamy... can you comment on spaulding tuition-remission program.. and does it cover MSN programs?
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    Good luck, you may want to consider relocating. I graduated with my BSN in May and applied to every facility within a 60 mile radius of Reading and had one interview. They all had no interest in someone without experience. I moved to North Carolina in September and within a month I got hired in a level 3, 70 bed NICU. It's been wonderful and so worth moving away from home. I strongly recommend leaving New England if its at all possible.
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    Katierobin23,Thank you for your advice. Unfortunately I can not move out of Boston. My husband works for the city so we have to stay. I have several resumes out, so I will keep my fingers crossed.Happy New Year!
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    Where do you work? I do pediatric home care right now and I have experience with trach, ventilator and g-tube... I am in California right now but I'm planning on moving back to Massachusetts soon
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    Have you tried looking at the Veteran's Affairs (VA) hospitals? As a newly graduate w/ ADN, you make a little less than $30/hr.

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