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Does anyone have any ideas on where I should start out as a new RN? I live in Boston and most hosptials want someone with experience and bachelors degree. I only have my associates.... Read More

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    I know of several pediatric homecare organizations that are hiring new grads...namely Family Lives and Pediatria (both based in Shrewsbury, near Worcester.) The reality of it is, as a new grad, I would be ready to commute. I drive 45 min to work and have an hour and twenty five to hour and forty five minute commute home.

    The benefit is that pediatric homecare, or homecare in general will afford you a higher complexity of skill-set than you would likely be afforded in a hospital, at least to start (ie: vent, trach, g-tube,) however, you will miss out on other skills (ie: IV/IM/ID meds, and other cleanliness protocols as homecare is less than sterile.) I will say, pay to start is around $30-$34/hr depending on shifts for most agencies, so while there aren't regular pay increases, you can make a pretty decent living for the work involved and it's generally a stable environment...relatively speaking.
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    I would also advise against getting your MSN. Get your BSN. From most things that I hear, a hospital a non-NP MSN does not make up for missing a BSN, especially if you have any hopes of getting into hospital administration (ie: DON, etc.)
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    MBrickle..Thank you for the information.. I will check out those organizations. U guess there is more out there than I thought..
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    Watersamy... can you comment on spaulding tuition-remission program.. and does it cover MSN programs?
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    Good luck, you may want to consider relocating. I graduated with my BSN in May and applied to every facility within a 60 mile radius of Reading and had one interview. They all had no interest in someone without experience. I moved to North Carolina in September and within a month I got hired in a level 3, 70 bed NICU. It's been wonderful and so worth moving away from home. I strongly recommend leaving New England if its at all possible.
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    Katierobin23,Thank you for your advice. Unfortunately I can not move out of Boston. My husband works for the city so we have to stay. I have several resumes out, so I will keep my fingers crossed.Happy New Year!
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    Where do you work? I do pediatric home care right now and I have experience with trach, ventilator and g-tube... I am in California right now but I'm planning on moving back to Massachusetts soon
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    Have you tried looking at the Veteran's Affairs (VA) hospitals? As a newly graduate w/ ADN, you make a little less than $30/hr.

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