New rn grad starting a ltc with only 3 days orientation?!!

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I just moved to mass and I recently just got a job at a LTC facility/Rehab 10 mins away I live. First of all the interview was a joke because they never even really interviewed me but just asked me what shift I prefer, and if i want f/t, p/t etc. As well as when I would be able to start. The same day (today) they called me back to offer me the position but the only problem is their orientation is only 3DAYS!!! I'm like wow! I already accepted the job because starting salary is $32 an hour! I also just went on an interview at a psych hospital and their starting salary was 24.50,(both pays are not including differentials) with much more orientation, this psych place is literally 5 mins away from me.

    My question is, is that really enough time only 3 days of orientation as a a new grad???? I feel as though that is nearly not enough orientation for a new grad. I need help I had already said I would take their offer but I'm honestly wondering is the money even worth it or should I just go with the psych hospital to which I know my orientation will be longer but my pay is less. I am sooooooooooooooooooo nervous as all heck to start a position as to where I only have 3 days orientation, also I wouldn't even be on a a specific floor everyday but like a float which makes it that much harder because I have to get to know so many patients. I'm seriously about to forget about the LTC facility and just go with the psych position. BUT IS THAT WORTH IT? IS THE PAY WORTH IT? HELP I'M SO NERVOUS I'M SUPPOSED TO START ORIENTATION THIS WEDNESDAY!!!

    Thanks everyone!!!
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  3. by   fullefect1
    Interesting... I am recently passed my Nclex last week... could you enlighten me to these facilities? Thanks.
  4. by   Hokis1130
    Hey Fullefect1,

    I was trying to message you but I think I have to have a certain number of replies before I do. I also don't think i can give the name of the places but I can say the LTC is in cambridge and the other in belmont.
  5. by   fullefect1
    I am also a new member, I found out the limitations on PM's as well. But thanks for the info. Much appreciated.
  6. by   Hokis1130
    Hey no problem, I would give you my email but I dont think I can through replying to posts, because it says you can't give your personal information.
  7. by   imelissa1
    I'm hoping that they are referring to the orientation where they make you watch movies and fill out compliancy tests for three days. If they are not, run. A new grad needs at least 4 weeks one-on-one orientation and then maybe an additional month on an as needed basis. Never three days. I think a skilled nursing facility is an excellent place to learn a lot, but, you have to be your own best advocate. Insist on a longer orientation. And have they told you how many patients you will have to carry? I just left a facility who try to give me 22 patients on a daily basis. It was a danger to the patients and myself. Not to mention physically impossible.
  8. by   Hokis1130
    Yea, thanks so much for the info imelissa1!!! I thought the same exact thing when you were saying about videos and compliancy tests as well!! But no!!! I asked the director and she said it would just be three days on the floor! I was like whoaaaa!!! OMG!!! thats crazy. She also said that that nursing homes don't hire new grads because it's a big cost to the facility. Im like you idiot then why the hell are you hiring me!! She told me she would call me back about the benefits and hasn't called back since yesterday afternoon and she wanted me to start tomorrow, thursday and friday!. I've been thinking about this all last night and honestly the pay is not worth it to me to have such a little orienttation.

    Also she did no inform me on what the nurse/pt ratio was yesterday I totally forgot to ask her. So i tried to called the director today and couldnt get a hold of her. At this point I don't even care because if they really want me they would call and plus I would just tell them forget it!!!!

    Thanks for the advice
  9. by   imelissa1
    The facility I worked at, it was not uncommon to have one nurse to 40 patients on the LTC floor. They called it "the med pass from hell".
    Good luck. Let me know what you end up doing.
  10. by   Hokis1130
    Omg that's crazy but i definitely believe. I have worked in LTC facilites as an aide since 2003, and I have seen how many patients nurses can get. During the day there would be two nurses on a floor of 40+ patients, during the evenings and nights it was one nurse. I'm waiting for this psych position to call me back. I called them today just to follow up on my interview status I had last friday because I know for fact their orientation is much, much longer!!
  11. by   April, RN
    Don't do it! The extra money is not worth your hard-earned license!
  12. by   mazy
    Three days is unfortunately normal in many LTCs. Well, usually the bad ones. They need to have an RN in the building to be legit, so what they want is a license attached to a warm body.

    Since you are an RN I would advise you to be careful because RNs are usually given the role of charge nurse, whether they are prepared for it or not. You will be expected to manage a staff of LPNs and CNAs, many of whom will have much more experience than you and, in my experience in many LTC settings, will also be resentful of you. Not to mention the massive amount of patient care you will be expected to do on top of managing a nursing staff that probably, if the facility is as bad as it sounds, will not be the slightest bit interested in making your life easier.

    Not trying to scare you, just trying to warn you. And maybe scare you a little. A facility that offers three days of orientation to a new nurse is NOT A GOOD PLACE to work.

    I say either go with the psych facility or shop around for a better LTC. Don't let your first taste of nursing be a bad experience.
  13. by   Chin up
    Do the psych, it has a good reputation. I know the place you are talking about.
  14. by   katyb213
    Did you pass your NCLEX before applying to these hospitals?

    3 days seems a little sketchy to me!