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Hello, I was browsing the Northeastern University website and saw there is a new Direct Entry (Online) BSN/MSN program that is located out of the Burlington campus. They don't require the GRE's for... Read More

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    Thanks for the info, it helps in making my decision. The schedule for labs and clinicals work great for me. I'm really hoping I can pull this together to make it work.
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    Labs are in Boston? For some reason I assumed they'd be in Burlington. I'm looking at the program for next year- any other interesting things learned at orientation?
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    Celticsgirl17- if you'll have everything completed on time, there's another cohort starting in January. Yes, labs will be in Boston on Saturdays, well at least for our cohort. 3 classes during the RN portion are at the grad level, so you'll need to earn a B or better. The rest are undergrad courses so you'll need to get a C or better.
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    Congrats adamamber 1. Are you going to orientation on the 27.

    CM401 do you remember the possible sites they said we might do clinicals at I only remember Beth Isareal and Cambridge alliance
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    Itcwall-The only other one I remember is Brigham and women's.
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    Ok that's what I thought. Are you excited to start
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    Yes, I'm very excited! How about you? I know the program is new so hopefully all of the details are figured out soon. Are you continuing to the masters program?
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    I'm so excited. I wish they already had our schedules ready. What lab would you prefer. I prefer 9-12
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    I would prefer the earliest lab and 1-7 clinical.
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    Yea I would like the 1-7 clinical as well. Did you chose a lender yet ? I'm going to go with Discover
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    I'm going to apply to RI student loans, they offer a nursing/primary care student forgiveness loan and repayment program.
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    Oh wow you lucked out
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    Thanks itcwall, Im planning to attend the 27th, if I can figure out how to swing things financially. Its going to be tough because I have used up the majority of my undergrad student loans as I completed my associates and bachelors over the course of 10 years. They wont have a financial aid package for me before I am due to accept (8th), so I would be accepting with the hope that I could figure it out. My husband is the only income provider at this time and we have kids, so our budget is pretty set. I wish I had been given more time/notice so I could figure it out in more time than 1 week. I see the labs are different times and clinicals too? Do students get to select their times? What were the options? Im very excited and am really hoping to make this work. Does anyone know if the school is very giving/or not, in their help with financial aid?