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Hello, I was browsing the Northeastern University website and saw there is a new Direct Entry (Online) BSN/MSN program that is located out of the Burlington campus. They don't require the GRE's for... Read More

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    Im from Boston are you moving here or are you going to commute Humm that is a great idea I will look into that thanks for th tip :-)

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    You're welcome. I plan to commute. I hope the drive isn't too bad.
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    did they give you any idea what day lab or clincial would be on ?
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    I heard lab would be on thursdays most likely (in boston) and then maybe a few times a month testing at the burlington site on fridays..Clinicals will vary and you will work out your own schedule with your preceptor..At least that is what I was told...If accepted, I plan to try to do clinicals on lab days so I can make the most of my trip there. I still havent heard anything so continue keeping your fingers crossed. Glad to see that they dont care about commuting as cm401 is from RI, which is comparable to my Maine address.
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    I hope that is how it works. so we would only go to Burlington for testing got it. Yea I would want to do mine all on the same day as well to get it over with. Yea if she is coming from providence it shouldn't make a difference if your coming from Maine. Have you applied to any other schools?
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    itcwall-I am applying to the direct entry program at UNH for January. Other than that, I am not sure as I would have to commute alot..There isn't many options up my way. I love the NEU program as it is primarily online.
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    anything yet adamamber1 ? I did hear they are still doing interviews
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    itcwall-NOTHING yet and im freaking out as cm401 heard so quickly after her interview. Tomorrow marks 2 weeks and they said they were making decisions quickly, like 1-2 weeks after interviews..Glad to know they are still interviewing as that means they may just make decisions at the same time and I am not out of the running. I'm tempted to call, but do not want to be pushy and don't know that they can tell me anything either way. This is consuming my life at the moment...
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    UGH I know the feeling that sucks. Did you try checking online. You can check your application and see if they have updated your status.
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    Itcwall-I checked on the site that I used for submitting my application. Is that the right site? If so, it just looks the same and say's I sucessfully submitted my application for review.

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