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Hello, I was browsing the Northeastern University website and saw there is a new Direct Entry (Online) BSN/MSN program that is located out of the Burlington campus. They don't require the GRE's for... Read More

  1. by   ms42813
    april 12th? for online students too?
  2. by   ms42813
    anyone thinking anything either way? Anyone have their status updated online or receive anything in the mail yet?
  3. by   jrwinney
    Quote from ms42813
    anyone thinking anything either way? Anyone have their status updated online or receive anything in the mail yet?
    Does anyone know about how long after your application is complete and submitted that you get your decision? Admissions told me up to 5 weeks, depending on how busy the admissions board is. Just curious what others have found.
  4. by   Bostonblk9
    I waited for a similar program for a long time in MA. It's finally here, I am in and looking forward for fall 2012. Northeastern has a great track-record in teaching nurses. They are following the new trend of online Direct entry (Online) BSN/MSN. Please join me, I will be looking for study partners..
  5. by   celticsgirl17
    Has anyone talked to a counselor about how the program works out if you want to do Neonatal??
  6. by   jrwinney
    Has anyone heard back from admissions? I was told it may take up to 6 weeks, it has been about 5 and I am itching to hear back!
  7. by   ltcwall
    I think they are starting interviews I received a call today
  8. by   JADORENASH
    hi everyone, congrats to everyone who has been accepted or have made their decisions about the summer or fall entries.

    Ive been reading the post and is slightly confused. When mentioning "hybrid" plan are you guys referring to the ONLINE DIRECT-ENTRY PROGRAM AT NEU?

    I am currently wait listed at Regis, waiting to hear from Simmons for their ABSN, and contemplating if I should still apply to this online nursing program. But I did have a phone interview just yesterday and was very impressed with the courses and the layout of the programs. But my only concern is that the program tuition is per credit? if anyone could clarify this I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks for any answers and clarifications!
  9. by   ltcwall
    It is 840 per credit so it will come out to about 55,000 for the BSN portion
  10. by   ltcwall
    I just got accepted into the hybrid at Northeatern
  11. by   Cm401
    Congratulations ltcwall! Have you decided on a specialty yet? How long after submitting your application did it take to hear back?
  12. by   ltcwall
    Thank you I'm leaning toward neonatal. I submitted my app on 04/30 and I heard today I got accepted
  13. by   adamamber1
    Hey there, just joining. I also applied to NU hybrid direct entry program for September. I have an interview on Tuesday. Do they invite evryone for an interview? Any tips on what to expect as far as questions for the interview? I'm so nervous. I am hoping to do the neonatal specialty track and then become a midwife. I do not have much experience in the medical field, but make up for it with enthusiasm, passion and certifications as a lactation counselor and soon to be birth doula. Any idea how fast they are making their decisions after this round of interviews?