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Hello, I was browsing the Northeastern University website and saw there is a new Direct Entry (Online) BSN/MSN program that is located out of the Burlington campus. They don't require the GRE's for... Read More

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    Yea I would like the 1-7 clinical as well. Did you chose a lender yet ? I'm going to go with Discover

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    I'm going to apply to RI student loans, they offer a nursing/primary care student forgiveness loan and repayment program.
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    Oh wow you lucked out
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    Thanks itcwall, Im planning to attend the 27th, if I can figure out how to swing things financially. Its going to be tough because I have used up the majority of my undergrad student loans as I completed my associates and bachelors over the course of 10 years. They wont have a financial aid package for me before I am due to accept (8th), so I would be accepting with the hope that I could figure it out. My husband is the only income provider at this time and we have kids, so our budget is pretty set. I wish I had been given more time/notice so I could figure it out in more time than 1 week. I see the labs are different times and clinicals too? Do students get to select their times? What were the options? Im very excited and am really hoping to make this work. Does anyone know if the school is very giving/or not, in their help with financial aid?
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    How about the lab stuff and uniform? I know that you have to purchase the clothes from the uniform place in NH, but what about the shoes and the lab stuff? Can that stuff be bought elsewhere?
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    You know you can always request to defer to the spring semester to give you more time. The most you are going to get from financial aid is 1250.00 for the year and that is the stafford loan. The rest you have to get in private loans. The uniforms you have to order from them bc they will have the school name on them. The shoes you can get from somewhere else as long as they are all white.
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    We were told that we do not get to pick anything as far as the schedule goes, all of that will be done for us. Clinicals will be once a week m, t, or thurs. The lab will be on Saturday in Boston for 3 hours, and tests will be Wed in Burlington, whenever we have scheduled exams. Because its pretty late, the only source of fin aid you can receive through NU is the federal loans from filing fafsa. They did say that you can request to be put on the waitlist for NU sponsored loans and scholarships because students may drop between now and sept. There is a $30 lab supply bag that you can purchase at the next orientation. You will need all white sneakers or nursing shoes, a stethoscope, bandage scissors, penlight, and a name pin that can be purchased from the uniform place in NH.
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    Is the tuition website accurate when it lists the per semester rate for the program as 13,600? I was thinking it would go by credits and the first one would be more as it is the heaviest credit wise. I can get discounts on the shoes and uniforms as my sisters are nurses and can get them through their work discount. I thought about deferring, but the info I received stated that you are not always granted deferment and you may have to reapply. That makes me nervous.
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    It's 860/credit for the first part plus all of the fees.
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    CM401-Thanks. Thats what I figured, but then the website seemed to indicate otherwise when it listed the programs individually by semester. That's alot in private loans...I guess there are always scholarship opportunities and loan forgiveness programs that I can apply for later.

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