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Hey everyone, the application for was due yesterday, whew! I almost forgot about it. Did anyone else apply? When can we expect to hear back?... Read More

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    bosfnp2b Wow, that's interesting that they've filled those slots so quickly. When did you submit your application? I know that they have been pretty slow to contact people for interviews (I applied in mid-November and only heard back a week ago about an interview), so I wouldn't write it off just yet. Did they say anything at the information session about slots for the primary care track? That's what I'm waiting to hear about...

    Also, I'm kind of confused about the total cost of UMass. On the website I couldn't tell if the tuition was $32K per year or for the entire program. I would imagine it's for the entire program, but it's somewhat unclear.

    But yes, either way I'm sure things will work out for you!

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    Unfortunately, I submitted my application closer to the deadline than I had hoped, so that may have something to do with it. They said that once you submit your application it is verified by NursingCAS, reviewed by the admissions office then reviewed by the admissions committee before they give the OK to bring you in for an interview. So, it is definitely a much more lengthy process than some of the other schools and sounds more similar to rolling admission.

    I was also wondering about the cost per year - they said the first year is ~35k, second ~18k and the third ~9k. It is dependent upon the number of credits you take. They said there was a section in the handbook that should have more info on this, but I haven't checked yet. This includes fees but not books, uniforms or living expenses.

    I'm not sure about the primary care track - it sounded like there are 10 spaces total for it but I didn't write down any notes about it since I didn't apply to that specialty. I wish I could be more helpful!

    I will say, one thing that really stood out to me was that they require 1000 hours of nursing experiences prior to graduation, which I think will really help students to perfect their bedside manner and be more confident NPs. I don't think that all schools require this.
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    @helperman, Thanks man, That's so nice of you! which are you going to attend?
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    MGH was always my fall back. I'll be at Regis. Will probably cross paths with most of you as Regis does some clinical a at MGH and some of my preceptor contacts are there as well.
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    I'm having trouble making a facebook group haha I've never made one before and I'm struggling. Anyone else want to make it?
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    I haven't heard back from UMW but I did have my interview this past Wednesday and recieve positive feedback. They meet every two weeks to decide if applicants interviewed during that cycle are accepteed or rejected. It's rolling for interviews and acceptances fyi, so don't sweat it too much if you haven't heard.

    So my likes: I like that once you pass the NCLEX, you're required to work 1000 hours as an RN before graduating with your masters. I think this is something MGH lacks (although you do have the option to go part time and work as an RN). Also MGH only grants you a BSN once you've completed the entire masters program, so finding a job as an RN at MGH is going to be just as difficult. I LOVE the feel at UMW. The campus is great, Umass Memorial Hospital is right on campus, they have a beautiful library, and as NP students, we use the same labs as the med students. I think the resources as UMW are better, and it's a smaller student body which I think is nice. Also houseing is so much more affordable, although I'm trying to not make my decision based on cost. They have a 100% first time NCLEX passing rate except for two years when one student did not pass on the first time. I talked to a student and she loved UMW.

    There's something about being in Boston that I feel grants more opportunities than Worcester. Also I like that at the end, you are granted a BSN at MGH, just in case credentialing for nurses changes in the future. I don't like that it's a large class, and I have heard clinical rotations are either a hit or miss. I also don't like the campus if you can even call it that. I'm torn mostly because its location, that MGH grants a BSN, and the reputation. I haven't heard much about UMW but I did love the feel.
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    My impression is that MGHIHP adopts the position that RN and NP role are so dramatically different (which I'm kind of noticing as well, from my clinicals), that it might not necessarily be a tremendous advantage to work as an RN before transitioning to the NP role. Whether this is true or not, I don't know.

    I can tell you from personal experience is that, after my first semester, I decided I don't think I would want to work as a bedside nurse. It has nothing to do with RNs on my clinical floors, their training, or the hospital itself - it's just that being a bedside RN on a busy medical wing at an academic hospital is vastly different than working as a primary care provider in an outpatient setting - which is what my goal is. I think I would rather spend my clinical hours as an NP student, with an NP preceptor, working at a clinic, doing things within the scope of the NP role.

    I would say that their message is, "Start thinking like an NP from the start", and this has certainly been reflected in the classes.
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    That's very true. From what I understand the job of a RN compared to a NP is very different (although this is not from personal experience). However, I assume you would make connections by working as an RN and improve your resume. I would also assume you would be more respected for having a solid understanding of your team members' responsibilties and contributions toward patient care. Also, does anyone know anything specific about MGH's Adult-Gero Primary Care program? If you, or if you know of others, who enjoyed the program? Good/bad... Thanks

    Painoman223, where do you go??
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    Quote from DizzyD25
    Painoman223, where do you go??
    MGHIHP, second semester in the Adult-Gero Primary Care program. Let me know if you have any questions. I wrote up a little synopsis of my experience, a few posts upstream.
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    I wish I could PM but I'm not quite there yet. Do you commute or live relatively close? Where would you recommend living? Does MGH have decent volunteer opportunities? Sorry to ask so many questions, but I'd like to know what the "feel" of the institution is... small campus, large campus, welcoming, etc.. What appealed to me most about UMW was the intimacy of the program and campus.

    I'm going to make an appointment to visit, but it's nice to hear a student's perspective.

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