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MA license by endorsement

  1. 0 I am an RN in Michigan. I am looking to get my license in MA. The BON's website kinda confused me as to what the application actually is and what the fee's are. Can anyone direct me to the correct form?

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    You want the License by Endorsement application. That is all that you will need.
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    The only "forms" on their website are of good moral character license. What is that? is that the same thing. It's not as clear cut as some of the other states info.
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    Hi Jennlovee:

    To access the forms for licensure by endorsement in Massachusetts do the following:

    1. Log onto the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing's website.
    2. Click on licensing.
    3. Click on first bullet on licensing page (Applications and forms).
    4. Click on the link to Professional Credential Services, Inc.
    5. Find Massachusetts and nursing licensure (very easy to find by scrolling and clicking on the appropriate links).

    The Massachusetts BORN has contracted with Professional Credential Services, Inc. for all services related to licensure. Good moral character is one of the forms necessary for licensure by endorsement, but not the only form. You should get all the forms and information you need on the Professional Credential Sevices, Inc. site.
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    thanks for your help Lena... I was getting so confused the only form that kept coming up with the Good Moral Character. Thanks... I found everything I needed on PCS site.