Is Cape Cod just a dumb idea for a new grad?

  1. I take the NCLEX in March and immediately plan on fleeing NYC and never looking back. Proud that I lived here, proud that I earned my RN here, can't wait to leave here, lol!

    Now, I know that this is probably an eye-roller for people who have lived on Cape Cod all their lives, but I love the Cape and would love to live there year round. I have an Aunt who lives in Chatham during the summer, and she's let me visit the house in the winter just to see what it's like. So far, I still love it (even thought it's just for weekends at a time).

    I've been trying to network with her homecare nurses, hoping to get my foot in the door for after I graduate and apply for reciprocity. I'm interested in hospice care, and I know there is a big hospice organization in the Hyannis region.

    Unfortunately, after my the stars fade from my eyes, I realize that I'm already low on the list for getting a job as a new grad, never mind as a hospice nurse, which is even less likely to hire newbies. So am I basically signing up for joblessness if I try to move to Cape Cod this year?

    Any suggestions from those of you lucky enough to be MA nurses, especially those who may have relocated to the Cape/do hospice work in the area?

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  3. by   Chapo84
    Can u inbox me the hospital that hires new grads, cause its crazy right now lol
  4. by   anashenwrath
    Quote from Chapo84
    Can u inbox me the hospital that hires new grads, cause its crazy right now lol
    Er, I don't know the name of any hospitals hiring new grads in the area. I'm not from the area, so aside from my tiny amounts of networking, I don't know much about the job market there at all.

    That's what I'm trying to investigate: if there are good places for a new grad to tackle in the Cape Cod area--especially with a hospice focus.
  5. by   Yllomia
    I grew up on the Cape, but live in Vermont now. The job market there is better than Boston. I worked in LTC on the Cape for 6 months right after school and landed the job right away. I'm not sure if hospice would hire a new grad, but there's plenty of LTC facilities that would. My facility worked with an excellent hospice, there's a few on the Cape. As long as you're flexible at first, you can probably find a job. Feel free to PM me if you have specific questions.
  6. by   LittleWing21
    If you are looking to work in geriatrics, the Cape is a great place to live!!! You may not get a hospice position right away, but a job as an RN in a LTC facility would probably lead you in the right direction. I'm struggling with my career path a bit personally because I'm at the other spectrum (maternal child) which is quite limited in this area!

    And no eye-rolling here, I'm a wash-a-shore myself. Been living here for about 7yrs now...sometimes I wonder "what on Earth was I thinking?" but then May rolls around and I remember again