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Is 8 months worthless?

  1. 0 [font="georgia"]i'm moving back to my home in mass (crazy, i know) with 8 months of tele med/surg under my belt. i know that 1 yr is the magic number, but will 8 months give me any advantage? i've heard the hiring climate is horrendous in ma right now. i have secured a job for the summer as a camp nurse, but i will be applying soon for a job after that is through. i am hoping to go to an outpt setting...but have a feeling i'll just have to take what i can get!
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    In Boston, most are union and you will get new grad pay, stay one year it will look better on your resume.
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    Hi I think we went to school together at 4C's. I have been working med-surg for 8 months at St. Lukes hospital in NB Mass. I was just offered a job at Cape Cod Hospital med-surg on Mugar 3. There are several openings there. I will be turning down the job offer because it would be a significant pay cut for me. Try calling human resources ask for Sarah....if you want med-surg....
    I'm not exactly loving it myself and plan on getting out in 4 months after that golden year is over!
    Good luck
    Cheryl....back row next to Yancey...LPN transition student.
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    The job market is pretty crappy right now. Its tough for everyone. Good luck!!!