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I live in Lowell, MA and I don't mind driving up to 40-50 mins. I really need a job as a CNA, but I can't find any. My license expires on 08/13/2013. I know I have plenty of times, but I gotta start now since it isn't easy. If... Read More

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    Quote from katex03
    Did you find a job?
    Not yet. Also, does anyone know how I can keep my license? Is it true that I have to work for 6 hours to keep my license? Does it have to be at a nursing home, hospital etc? My friend has someone that I can care for 6 hours.. lol.. it may not work that way ;\

    Is there other way to prevent retaking the course? I don't mind retaking the state exam.
    I feel like I won't find the job. I am focusing on keep my license 'till I find one, but it expires soon.

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