help for a new grad!! Please & Thanks!

  1. I am a new A.S.N. graduate, passed my NCLEX in June got a job but it was a "hands off" agency and I basically drove people around and did non nursing work (NOT what the job description said, it looked so good on paper!). I had calls for at least 10 interviews before taking that job (it looked awesome on paper) and now that all my fellow classmates and everyone else has passed the NCLEX all those jobs that wanted me are gone. I have some friends who got hospice jobs with tons of critical care training and GREAT pay, others who got into detox (acute), others took LTC. I have applied at LTC (not my desire at all). I am starting my RN to BSN Sept. 1 and want to work with patients. It looks like all I have for options is LTC, haven't even had any sub-acute interviews. I interviewed for what I was told was 3-11 sub-acute and when I got there it was 11-7 on a locked dementia ward with 6 of the 40 sleeping at the RN station and me the only RN. All the jobs I like want either BSN and/or ACUTE do I ever move up if I can't get what they want? It is very discouraging as I spent a LONG time doing all the pre-req's, raising 4 kids and then the RN program just to end up with a bunch of student loans and no job I am not a youngster like so may starting out (I should have done this a LONG time ago) I live on the Cape and have no problem traveling off Cape to work but I can't seem to find anything or anyone who wants a non experienced A.S.N. RN, any advice on where to look, what to say in interviews, how to go to acute care after LTC-if that is what I get, ANYTHING is greatly appreciated! So discouraged right now I love nursing so much and just want to jump in and start. Sadly no one wants to train a new grad...sigh...
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    Last I heard, the Kindred facility in S. Dennis was starting a TCU...might be worth a call. Several years ago when Cape Cod Hospital was looking for nurses, they'd hire nurses who had experience ona sub acute unit. I haven't been there in a while but it doesn't hurt to try.
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    The Kindreds in Wareham and Dennis are both very similar facilities. They both have sub acute units and hire new grad ADNs. Even if you get hired on an LTC unit you can easily switch to sub-acute after a few months. The sub acute/rehab units are very heavy. I started on a dementia unit as a new grad in Wareham. I had a surprisingly good experience and found there was a lot of support. I made the transition to acute care by moving out of state.
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    Hi, thanks for the info! I interviewed in wareham today & was offered the job (pending drug tests & CORI of course) i think on the sub acute unit but they call it Transitional Care Unit-correct me if I am wrong. I will take an IV class and some other class but I forget what it is. Hoping it is a good experience!
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