Full Time Quincy College Sept 2012

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    Does anyone know what is going on with them extending the deadline for applicants for the full time program till May 15th??? Were there not enough applicants?? I don't want to have to wait until June to hear back, when I already got my application in before.

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    i'm not really sure but i got my acceptance letter today!
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    I got mine too!!! Now i'm just worried there won't be enough students for the program..
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    Moved to MA Nursing Programs for more response.

    Good luck!!
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    Do you know where they do clinicals for Quincy? Thanks!
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    Hi everyone. I also was accepted. Does anyone know more about QC's nursing program? I am also wondering about how the schedule will be, I have completed all the courses, except for the Core Nursing ones. I am happy I got accepted, considering BHSON-Brockton Hospital School of Nursing is so expensive (got accepted there too). Still waiting to hear from Massasoit, but still happy I got accepted into QC. Would love some more insight into their program. As of now, I plan to attend QC. I live in Quincy, and have twin 3 yr old boys. Worked so very hard for this and afraid at the same time. how hard is the program, exactly?
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    I just talked to a current nursing student today. She said you have your lecture 2 days a week and that a couple of hours. You have labs on Fridays. And your clinicals can be anytime - including evenings and weekends. She said there wasn't a lot of homework - just readings.. But she said it was definitely a lot of work.
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    I am sure its alot of work. so nervous about the clinicals. heard of "A" students not passing a clinical-crazy. but the "A" I know this happened to is a bit "cocky" so I don't know. I spoke with the nursing director there she mentioned they are trying to make the class component one day a week instead of 2 due to students requests for that and keep lab on fridays and then ofcourse there are the clinicals. I have completed everything except the nursing core courses/clinicals. Thank God! Iwill take into to computer this summer. I never "clep" well out of anything, besides to clep costs as much as the course does . This program is accredited but there's been some talk about their test to get in. Mollymarie, did the QC nsg student you talk to -like the program? think their nclex passing rate is in the 90s. Wonder how QC compares to massasoit, doubt i'll get into Massasoit though. I read on a post that was older, that financial aid didn;t cover the maternity/ob clinical. Hope thats changed.
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    For those of you already accepted to the fall 2012 program, congrats!!! I am going to utilize the deadline extension and apply as soon as my classes are done. Just wondering what your Accuplacer scores were?
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    I have to be honest, I first scored 93 in reading, 106 in sentence structure and 107 in the Math. I was beside myself how I missed the reading req'd score by only 2 points! I took the reading a 2nd time and I got a 95! all that work, studying, and I even felt I did much better than that. That reading portion is really "tricky". I submitted my application that day 3/12. I went over the fact that I had a nice gpa (massasoit) in over 28 credits 3.85, and my recommendation from my volunteer time at church and recommendation from my A&P professor, and the admissions counselor kept saying the same thing. " we go mainly by the scores, and the reading portion first." "then after that we look at the other scores and your GPA and all the other stuff, if it's between me and another student who scored the same on the reading" How excited I was to get that acceptance letter, I really worked hard to get to this point and did not want to go to a school that wouldnt offer me an ASN and was too expensive -Brockton Hospital School of Nursing. So it's between QC and Massasoit. I will send my deposit in for QC, and I am happy doing it. I doubt I'll get into Massasoit it's even more competative. Just wish I knew more about QC's program. Seems like they are going thru alot of changes with scheduling, etc. Cohorting with other nursing students you will find to be very helpful and necessary to succeed and dare I say "survive"? . We can lean on and support each other. No one will know truly what we are going thru more than another student in the program, and I think we should use resource to our advantage. That being said, I look forward to attending QC with others on this board who are going too.
    So Cally 527, as distressed as I was with my 1st score-IT IS worth taking again, I almost didn't bother. It;s a good idea to apply when you are done with classes, they extended the deadline cause they are looking for more applicants.
    Would love to hear more about the program, schedule, etc any "takers"?

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