Experienced RN - can't find job, any advice

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    Hey all,

    I live in Boston and have 4+ years of experience in a Boston hospital. My background is surgical/tele/step-down. I was very unhappy at my previous job - I felt stuck and bored and everyday was just putting out fires and running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I looked for other jobs in Boston with no luck and finally took a local travel assignment - which was great. Now that is over and I need a job badly. I've been applying for months but I don't even get any calls back. I have ACLS, BLS, and IV skills. I'm currently in enrolled in a BSN program as well. Sometimes I think it's the fact I don't have a BSN, but I thought being enrolled in a program was also acceptable? Does anyone have any advice? I don't want to do home care or work at a long term facility. Am I doing something wrong?

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    Try the rehab hospitals. Spaulding has multiple locations as well as the New England Rehab. Hosp. You may have better luck there.
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    Do you live in the city or would you be willing to look outside city limits? I think the community hospitals are more open to ADNs... I worked at Milford Hospital when I was in school as an aide and almost none of the nurses had their BSN.
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    I guess I was just under the impression that being enrolled in a BSN was acceptable. Also, I have what I think is great experience in a downtown hospital - I don't really want to have to go to a small community hospital (not like there is ANYTHING wrong with community hospitals). With the economy I thought the fact that I have 4+ years of experience at a city medical center would trump the fact that I'm not done with my BSN. I know new grads are having a miserable time and I don't feel like I'm having much more luck. I'm just so discouraged.
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    My best advice is to just not give up. Even if a job posting says BSN required, apply anyway. Your 4 years of med/surg/tele experience are VERY valuable, and hospitals who have a immediate position to fill would rather you over a new grad BSN. I would recommend trying BIDMC or Tufts, I know they still take some ADNs. MGH just opened a short stay unit (similar to an ED obs. unit) and that is currently hiring RNs. Someone mentioned spaulding--- do look into there. I have seen recent postings there. Good luck!!
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    Boston hospitals are known for not hiring RNs without the BSN. I agree, try outside of the city!
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    Honestly, I know this is an old post, but really none of the magnet hospitals are hiring non-BSN nurses. It's a hard and fast rule. The fact that you have experience doesn't help much as they can hire a new grad with a BSN, pay them crap and save money.
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